5 Reasons Why I Might Be On Day 10 of a Migraine

1. Coming soon to a public place near you? Harper and The Tantrums!

2. Meredith’s eyes were dilated today. She’s been crying about The Potential for Dilation (my next book title) for nearly a week now. And when I say “crying” I mean that Meredith may or may not be performing with Harper and The Tantrums in a public place near you.

3. I have started 483 more knitting projects, including a mystery shawl (the first clue comes out next week!) named Mystic Ice. Starting Projects coupled with Never Finishing Projects seems to be a seasonal trend for me. I swore I wouldn’t do it this year. But there I went. Oh, 2009. I am sorry.

4. Someone just told me that Christmas is less than six weeks away. And six weeks is too soon! With six weeks to go until Christmas, it almost feels like Christmas is over. Oh, Steve Miller.

5. I’ve eaten too much cheese. It’s just that simple. Specifically, Swiss cheese and mustard sandwiches, often followed by a snack of more Swiss cheese.

I have an appointment at the headache clinic on Monday morning, where the following conversation will surely take place.

Headache Doctor: Have you been doing your exercises?
Me: No.
Headache Doctor: Did you sign up for the yoga class I was telling you about?
Me: No.
Headache Doctor: I hate you for never listening to me. Is this how you treat everyone?!
Me: Wow. I think it is. Will you drill a tiny hole into my head?

Wait. Estonian Lace! Also, Tyrolean Stockings!! Sei Shonagon Pillow!!! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Might Be On Day 10 of a Migraine”

  1. Oh, Ang. Sorry that your migraine is on day 10. Day 10! That’s insanity! And it’s probably driving you insane. Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain!

    Sorry for the Cypress Hill digression there.

    Anyway, I have a similar problem with the casting on of new projects and I feel guilty when they stare at me from my ravelry page wondering why I have abandoned them for something else. A cashmere scarf? They scoff at me. The poor sad socks and sweaters beg for my love, but DUDE. Cashmere. So soft.

    The end.

  2. Hate! Hate! Getting my eyes dilated. It is bad enough of a hatred that I will put off going to the eye doctor until I can no longer see anymore.

    Poor you. I hope the doctor can help!

  3. 10 days of migraine? Ridiculous. I also have migraines, but Midrin helps. I recommend the yoga, by the way.

    Those stockings? GORGEOUS!

    And the tantrums… I’m just very sorry. Deep breathing and hugs.

  4. Dear Angela, You’re pretty! And, wow, those jeans make your butt look fabulous! Have you ever considered changing your hippo image? There is something so unsettling about it that I actually sometimes think, “I wonder what’s happening at Fluid Pudding today, but, I don’t want to look at that shiny hippo photo.”
    Just a thought.
    Best wishes!
    P.S. Your hair looks great today!

  5. Wow, Sara has some power. She compliments your fabulous butt one time and you change your header like that?

    I remember that love affair between the sock zombie and your diseased gloved hand. I’m a believer that there is someone for each person/zombie/funky hand out there.

    Nice header.

  6. I’m there with you on the migraines (and oh man, 10 days, I’m so sorry!!)(btw: don’t visit Calgary during Chinook season, the pressure migraines would kill you) and on the starting but never finishing knitting projects. I started 3 (THREE) the other night just trying to come up with one idea.

    Hope you get some relief with any/all of the above soon!

  7. OUCH..10 days of a migraine might need something stronger than a pill..like maybe a shot. Ask the doc if he has Toradol to give you..that might work.

    Good luck.

  8. I think my recent sock pattern is giving me a boredom migraine. Maybe that’s it (although your socks are lovely and not at all boring). Or maybe it’s the weighty knowledge of Christmas Knitting Projects that are creeping up so slowly that I never suspect it when they pounce. Then they beat me until I finish 42 Fair Isle cardis in two days.

  9. Honey, if you are on a 10 day Migraine with less then a 4 hour break in pain (not including sleep), you need to get yourself to the ER and fast!

    Being in a Migraine state of pain for more then 72 hours can lead to Status Migrainous – even a Migrainous stroke! Please get some help before your doctor appointment! You wouldn’t want your doctor to yell at you about that too, would you?

    Please be careful!
    Eileen Gray

  10. My eye doctor doesn’t dialate anymore. She has a super-fantastic, state-of-the-art machine that let’s her look into the back of your eyeball without all that. It’s the greatest thing since sliced Pepperidge Farms Hearty White bread!

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