I chose a tiny bag.

I just took this evening’s muscle lallygagger, so I’ll keep this entry brief for fear that fifteen minutes from now will find me drooling and sputtering nasty tales. (And believe me…)

Anyway. Here are the facts.

I work part time at a yarn store.

The employees at the yarn store are allowed to keep a Hold Bag containing merchandise they will eventually purchase. Up until tonight, I did not allow myself to start a hold bag. Why? Fiber dipsomania, my friend. It starts with one skein. And it’s so easy to put that one skein into your hold bag, isn’t it? Three weeks later, you’ve shoved 3,482 skeins into your hold bag and in no time you’ve stashed away something like $80,000 worth of yarn. And then you have to decide what to return to the shelves. But you love all of it too much. And suddenly you can’t afford to have electricity in your home. And the kids are starting to look like they’re getting scurvy. And you are forced to make chili out of your cat.

Did you catch that whole “up until tonight” thing up there? Yep. Tonight I started my hold bag. Because I fell in love with this. And I’ll be making it out of this. (And, wow. That photo really hurts my eyes for some reason. Bright flash! Overexposure!) So, anyway. Let the madness begin.

Muscles? Relaxed. Time for vampires. Enjoy your night. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “I chose a tiny bag.”

  1. Oh wow. that is some beautiful sea silk AND a beautiful pattern. I can see why you caved.

    I have been trying to finish ONE thing around here but somehow ended up starting 2 more new things. Is there a 12 step group?

  2. I only know how to knit scarves (okay, I’ve only made, like, 4…but still) and even I can’t deny the love for that yarn. Overexposure and all. Therefore I cannot blame you that it made it’s way to your Hold Bag. It’s like calling “savesies” when you get up from a chair only better.

  3. So, I was reminded the other day by the woman at the STL Beacon that you are a St. Louisan, too. And I’m thinking I probably live right by your yarn store. If I do, and you see me, hello! We’re probably neighbors. Lovely.

  4. Almost as bad as working in a yarn store is having a friend work there – a generous friend who shares her discount.

    Le sigh.

    If only I weren’t unemployed…

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