My butt is eager, yet not quite ready for its closeup.

When I was in college, I often found myself working out in my room using a Jane Fonda cassette I had made by sticking my cassette recorder up to the television as the VHS tape played. The recording was really crappy (or charming, depending on your perspective), as it featured several dog barks, a few door slams, and my mom asking, “Why are you recording this?!” (Of course, I answered with a sharp “Ssshhh!” which was also caught on tape.)

I’ll never forget the night I was working out in my room (with the door closed and locked, because as much as I loved my college roommates, I really didn’t want them to see me in those positions) and I suddenly felt the need to use the restroom. I ran from my room to the bathroom wearing a tan sports bra and green parachute shorts. Nick, one of my roommates at the time, saw me and yelled, “Hey! Angie! Damn, Girl!” (That’s an exact quote, by the way. It’s still bouncing around in my head.) You see, Nick thought I was working out topless.

Secretly, I enjoyed the fact that from that point forward, Nick probably assumed that I was in my room doing a topless Fonda every time he heard my cassette player kicking into action.

Fast forward something like seventeen years.

Last week I told you that I would provide video footage of me actually working out with the Wii Sports Active Thirty Day Bacon Lettuce Tomato Mustard Mayonnaise Crosby Stills Nash and Young Workout. Two nights back, Jeff actually shot some video of the workout, and it was shot from behind and it seems that my butt is a big old camera hog, and watching it almost made me cry and instead of showing it to you, I would much rather you assume that I’m working out looking all svelte-like with just a bit of glistening sweat providing a healthy and almost angelic (or vampire-esque, whatever you prefer) glow to my skin.

With that said, my “I’m Halfway Done” update is up. If you go here and scroll down, you’ll find the link to my notes right above the photo. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

5 thoughts on “My butt is eager, yet not quite ready for its closeup.”

  1. I am behind.. Mere should not go to the b-day party if the ther girl is mean. Ellen DeGeneres would be lucky to get a scarf from you. Great job with the wii!

  2. Your hotness is already legendary in all aspects. We just got Es Sports Active (husband actually works for EA, we are slow) and I haven’t tried it, but hey! I will get off my own ass and do it! Good for you! Glowy pudding lady!

  3. We are one of the last 3 families in the northern hemisphere not to own a Wii, but I have so many friends using Wii Fit and programs like this that I mind much more than usual. :) Good luck with the program.

    PS The dress you made is darling and your little girl is unbearably cute!

  4. You’re a brave woman for even being videotaped to begin with. My husband would have laughed me back to high school, I’m sure.

  5. I’ve been considering getting the Wii Fit but suddenly I’m hearing a lot about this, too. Is it FUN? I need fun. Guess I need to do some research. Glad to hear you’re having good results!

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