I sort of love Jonathan Safran Foer. And long mittens.

Thanks to all of you, my family will be eating chili for the next three weeks. High fives to one and all.

I’m leaving the house in a few minutes to get a little bit sushified. I may or may not add on a trip to the book store to pick up Eating Animals. I’ve been cheating on my vegetarian sensibilities for the past few months, and I believe this book will put me right where I need to be.

Most importantly, the holiday knitting has begun.

Bella's Mittens (WIP)

So far, I have two mittens, neither of which have thumbs. I shall thumb them in the coming weeks, and they will be gifted to one of Meredith’s teachers. Next up? A hat for the coach who lets Meredith out of the car every morning. Because he does it with a smile and a “Good morning, Meredith!” Every Single Day Even When It’s Raining.

Raw fish doesn’t really count as meat, right?

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15 thoughts on “I sort of love Jonathan Safran Foer. And long mittens.”

  1. That mitten is scrumptious, especially the thickness of the cables (are those cables? I think they’re cables.).

    But what I’m delurking to say is this: really? Jonathan Safran Foer? Because I LOVED Everything is Illuminated but then I started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I was really bummed when I realized that rambling, poetic, non-linear post-modernist style was his schtick.

  2. my husband is a pescatarian and he would agree with you that fish is not meat. me? a flexitarian. my belief is that moderation is key.
    i love those mittens.

  3. Are you talking sushi or sashimi? I like sushi but I still can’t get around the sashimi very well but mmmm, I loves me some sushi! And edamame-yes, that has nothing to do with fish (which isn’t qualified as a meat–look at catholics–they eat fish on Fridays because it isn’t meat)–but yummy! I’ve banned myself from eating sushi for the past, oh, about 3 years–being pregnant all the time and nursing when not pregnant…I really want some good sushi! Maybe in a few months….And your mittens are very cute…I need to get Nadine long mittens because her mittens are forever coming off–if they’re longer then maybe they’ll stay up her sleeve and she won’t be able to get them off….

  4. Read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and you’ll feel better about eating some meat. And it’s a good read. Happy fourth day.

  5. Ok, so I’m like only 10 years younger than you and I love my own mom to pieces, but sometimes I wish you were my mom, lol.

    Awesome mittens!

  6. I just fell in love with your mitten! And so will Meredith’s teacher. Your gifts are very thoughtful. I overthink what to get the teachers every year, but I think your gifts are perfect.

    I try to limit meat eating to twice a week. That works for me.

  7. Those mittens are awesome! I’ve only knitted mittens once – and then I felted them. It took me like 6 tries to get the thumbs right.

  8. There are plenty of wonderful veggie-heads out there that eat fish on occasion! It is yummy. So enjoy!

  9. I would that you were a) Canadian and b) in possession of a teenage daughter who was in my English class in order that I could revel in the awesomeness of those mittens. Are they Bella’s Mitts?
    Also, why does no one give love to the high school teacher at Christmas?

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