Tide Whiff Wise!

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Because I’ve decided to make 2010 The Year During Which I Finish What I’ve Started (TYDWIFWIS—pronounced Tide Whiff Wise), last night I finished my first fingering weight colorwork hat. I started it many months ago for a friend in Japan, and the next thing you know, five months passed. But now it’s finished, soaked, and resting while wrapped around a ten-inches-in-diameter plate. Tide Whiff Wise!

Thank you for all of your kind words and wishes during my week of single parenting/furnace shopping. I am happy to report that Jeff has returned from California, and we are now the proud parents of a huge working furnace. Because we spent more money on that furnace than we’ve spent on either of our children, I’ve decided to give the furnace a gender-specific pronoun. She. And although Fern would be much easier to remember, I’ve decided to call her Eudora.

Confession: I watch Days of Our Lives. Every Day. Also, my favorite Christmas present is a green and red mass-produced quilt my mom bought at Cracker Barrel. (Sometimes you just have to get these things off your chest.)

Two years ago, I started one of these, got about one third of the way through it, and stashed it in a drawer. I believe it’s time to finish what I’ve started. Tide Whiff Wise!

Edited to Add: Because Isabella Golightly is a genius, I have created a Tide Whiff Wise Flickr Pool! (I’m FluidPudding on Flickr. Shoot a message my way, and I’ll add you to the group!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. Oh, that Modern Quilt Wrap is on my list. But I’m still knitting “Christmas” hats for the nieces and nephews. They’ll have to be content with their Valentines instead.

  2. We had to buy a new furnace two years ago. I named her Wildfire (which is really meant to be sung rather than said). Is it weird that I want to share a link to her picture on Flickr?

  3. Beautiful beret! And WHAT a good idea – Tide Whiff Wise, it should be a site where we can all go and skite (boast) about stuff we’ve finally finished. Dare I mention the phrase ‘photo album’? Or even, sigh, ‘box of Christmas decorations that needs to be lifted up into the roof of the garage’?

  4. That hat is BEAUTIFUL!

    Tide Wiff Wise. I should start that, myself. I’ve already thrown out or given away a lot of my half-done-things in a fit of cleaning out my house last week, but I still have many I could work on!

  5. I think Tide Wiff Wise deserves a flickr page. I have a lace scarf that’s been sitting unfinished for 2 years now, and you are making me feel both guilty (boo) and keen (yay!) about the finishing off thingy!

  6. At first I was excited about Tide Whiff Wise because I thought it was a new smell product from… Tide. Now I’m excited because it’s one of my new year’s resolutions.

  7. LOVE the hat, dahlin’. I covet it. I have a crocheted throw mostly finished that’s stuffed somewhere……

    I hope that Eudora gives you many years of pleasure. My sister is working on a Eudora project, one of the Welty kind. (She’s writing a book.)

    I watched AMC back in the early 80’s…..

    Damn. Now I have to finish projects. Becauuse I own many tatting UFOs (unfinished objects).

  8. Glad everything is good. Love the hat! Because you have a new furnace you must buy a new carbon monoxide detector (if your furnace is gas) because the new models emit much more. My dear friend found this out the hard way when her teenage daughter had the entire fire department at their house after school yesterday! She is fine, thank you. Go, buy one, be safe.

  9. If you finish that wrap and raffle it off I will buy 100 tickets. That is one gorgeous wrap! (Oh – wait – depending on the cost of a ticket).

    As long as we are confessing things, I have seen Yanni in concert three times (with my mother). I added that with my mother thing to make it seem like it wasn’t my idea (it was my idea).

    My boys just turned four years old. Their baby book is done through month 10. You have inspired me!

  10. Can I add myself to the group? You know, finish what I started health-wise? Because that would be an awesome addition to the knitting projects I have to finish. :)

  11. I grew up watching Day of Our Lives and I’m a little amazed that if I’m standing in line at the store and I look over at the Crap Rack (what I call the magazine rack next to cashiers everywhere), I can read something on the cover of Soap Opera Digest about Days of Our Lives and think A) How have they not been killed yet or B) How can they still be married or C) Whore/Dick.

    What I’m saying is, once you’ve been infected, you’re infected for life.

  12. And here I thought you were going in depth on choices of detergent.

    Tide = Bad
    Cheer = Good

    I’m just sayin’…

  13. Is that for me?!? Really!?I’m flabbergasted–it’s gorgeous!

    And *sigh* I guess I should Tide Whiff Wise also. Maybe this will be the year I learn to do more than an endlessly repeated knit stitch…

  14. I love that hat! Can you tell us the name of the pattern. I would like to join Tide Whiff Wise. I have many UFOs. I am MaiasMom on Flickr.

  15. I facebooked about TYDWIFWIS, so as to inspire and motivate others to follow your lead … and more importantly, to make others hold me accountable when I mention starting a new project. (“Um, don’t you still have SEVEN unfinished ones just like that one? Shouldn’t you Tide-Wiff-Wise?!”)

    So yeah. I love you. Until my shopping is thwarted with a TYDWIFWIS comment. And then … well, I won’t mean it when I say something ugly about you. ;o)

  16. Oooh… TYDWIFWIS sounds fantastic. But since I don’t really make anything, my pictures would be of laundry being put away, or pictures actually being hung…or dinner being made.

    Finish what I start INDEED.

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