Sondre Lerche Concert Giveaway!

ETA: The tickets have been taken. Hooray!!! Thanks to all who inquired!

Here’s the scoop.

A few weeks back, I was made aware of the fact that Sondre Lerche is coming to town. And I love him. So I bought tickets.

Now, it has become clear that I will not be able to attend the show. And I’m bummed. Really bummed.

I tried to sell the tickets on Facebook. No takers.

An hour ago, I tried to give the tickets away on Facebook. No takers.

So, now I’m opening it up to everyone. (Everyone in St. Louis, that is.)

If you’re in St. Louis and are interested in tickets to a really great show on Monday night (2/15), please let me know and the tickets are yours.

What? You don’t know who Sondre Lerche is? Well, here. Let me introduce you.

If you’re interested, leave a comment and we’ll make connections.

(Official show details are here.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “Sondre Lerche Concert Giveaway!”

  1. Oh, oh, oh! I’m with joaaanna! Maybe he’s on his way to KC? Dan in Real Life made me fall in love… I’m sorry you will miss it! But how sweet of you to offer it.

  2. Ahh, I should have read this earlier today and thrown in tix to his performance in Alabama tonight. I bought them a couple of weeks ago unaware my kids would decide to pick this particular day as Vomit Day. (and it’s my birthday, booooo) (yes, i completely fantasized about sondre singing “happy birthday girl” for me) ::shuffling away to change vomit sheets::

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