Everyone is invited, Mr. Dangerfield.


Lately, Meredith feels she is not getting enough respect.

After much consideration, she has determined that throwing a party will be the best way to gather her housemates and confront them in regard to their general lack of respect.

Therefore, a Give Meredith Respect Party is being thrown. (Gifts are appreciated, but not required.)

If the proper amount of respect is not shown, attendees will be evicted from the party.

(And, yes. I’m now teaching her the difference between Your and You’re. It’s a difficult but important lesson for a six year old who gets no respect.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

24 thoughts on “Everyone is invited, Mr. Dangerfield.”

  1. Ah, reminds me of a note my mom kept from me that went something like, “why don’t you give me money no more”. I don’t recall a party because of it but I’m sure she gave me some money. Respect Meredith! Respect!

  2. My son says “blah blah blah or you’re out of here” all the time. He can’t write yet so I guess I better start drilling him on contractions now.


  3. I’m 34 and I know far too many people who use your instead of you’re. Meredith is so far ahead. She’s a veritable Aretha Franklin!

  4. You are definitely saving that note, right??

    My kid left one on my bed, one night when she was angry with me over being sent to her room for some transgression.

    The note said “I’m a KAPPERKORN just like you, Mom. That’s why I’m so STABBORN. ”

    Yes, dear. Yes, I know that’s the case. Us kapperkorns… we’re a stabborn lot.

  5. I’m stealing Meredith’s idea and going to insist on a respect party, complete with eviction threats. I, on the other hand, require presents.

    Darren and JustLinda’s comments cracked me up!

  6. I love it! Thanks for the laugh, Meredith. Will proper hand shaking and hat tipping be some of the lessons taught at the party?

  7. Cannot express how much I love this! I am guessing my 6 year old will be inviting us to a similar party in the near future. RESPECT to Meredith!

  8. I love this! I think I need to have a respect Lori party at work… Gifts are not expected but a raise would be appreciated…

  9. My daughter likes to draw unflattering stick figure likenesses of me and put them on her door with the universal circle/slash “not wanted” sign over it. She’ll write “no u!” underneath it. charming.

  10. Oh Meredith. Sit next to me, honey.

    It will be different when you’re all grown up and people start realizing that you write their reviews.

    Until then, smile sweetly.

  11. Please tell Meredith that respect is highly overrated. You teaching her the difference between “your” and “you’re” will probably be more useful in the end. But I do so love her “moxie”. Tell her to consider a “moxie” party.

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