Jeff told her that it looked like cobbler. He’s so brave.

My calendar this week is filled with words, and most of those words have something to do with freelance work.

(Thursday contains the words Stendhal Syndrome. I’m not sure why I wrote that, but I do love the concept.)

Sadly, today features the following phrase: MC home sick.

Did you know that Meredith has GERD? She had it when she was a baby, and then everything seemed to clear up when she started walking. Last April, she started complaining of stomachaches. After a few weeks of complaints, she started throwing up every morning. Her doctor put her on Prilosec for six months. When six months passed, Meredith was going through a challenging time at school and was scared to death to stop the medicine, so the doctor signed us on for another three months.

A few weeks back, the prescription ran out, and Meredith was cool with that. Onward!

We noticed last week that she was hoarse.

On Sunday afternoon, she had a really awful cough.

Last night at 9:45 she yelled out and was wiggling around her bed in pain.

Me: Do you think you might need a puke bowl?

Meredith: Yes.

Seconds later (before Jeff was able to deliver The Silver Bowl), Meredith unloaded a pile of blueberries onto her bed. And I thought I could handle cleaning it. I totally did. Jeff took Meredith to the bathroom to clean her up, I approached the bed with the intention of removing the sheets and wiping up as much as I could. And then I started in with the gagging and bending over and saying a lot of things like, “Yeesh! Um, I can do this. I can do this. Blergh. Yes. Holy holy holy. Oh. Boy.”

Once again, Jeff came to the rescue and dealt with the sheets while the girls and I watched a bit of Olympic figure skating. (Did anyone else catch the Canadian skater who fixed her partner’s hair during The Way We Were?! It was just like Streisand and Redford! I don’t care that she fell down and repeatedly stumbled. That subtle move should have clinched the gold for them. Go Canada!)

So, anyway. As I sit at my computer and type, Meredith is sleeping off her rough night (we now have more Prilosec), Harper is at school, and there are at least 20 more chapters on reptiles that need to be templated.

If I have time later this week, I want to talk to you about the crush I have on Bobby Flay.
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7 thoughts on “Jeff told her that it looked like cobbler. He’s so brave.”

  1. Ooo yuck. One of my Stooges, Curly, has a hiatal hernia & that mimics GERD. He takes Zantac daily. Not a fun thing.

    Do not lose your function brain cells (and I have very few) to Stendhal Syndrome.

  2. I feel for you and for Meredith. As you know, we’ve been through that. Vomiting at least once a day for YEARS. Luckily, I am able to handle just about anything (blood, assisting in the operating room, traumas, amputations, mucous, you get the idea). The only thing that really gets me sick is brain matter coming out of the nose. That’s not pretty. I’m sorry if that was difficult to read…just telling you how bad it can be. LOL

    I wonder, have you ever tried breathing out of your nose the entire time you are trying to clean up ? Just a suggestion.

    Good luck with it all.

  3. Mitzi… brain matter coming out the nose? I feel a little woozy right now.

    Poor Meredith. Both my girls had GERD as babies, and both seemed to outgrow, but I had one have a “recurrence” in third grade in much the way you describe. Also a lot of anxiety around that time, so we weren’t sure the cause of it’s return. We let the scrip run out this year, and so far, so good – knock on wood – but I keep fretting that any blueberries on the bed type action is a return.

    Stoopid GERD. I have it, their dad has it, their grandma and great-grandma have it. We’re a family full of folks who are a bit weak in the guts department, it seems.

  4. Oh Gawd, I thought I was the only who noticed “The Way We Were” hair adjustment. Such a classic scene from a classic movie. I loved those Canadians!

    My girls haven’t thrown up in their beds for awhile, but you put me right back there. Uh, thanks.

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