Swinging dead cats and wishing for the perfect naan.

I once made the statement that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a gifted kid. After saying it, I sort of regretted saying it, as I tend to regret many of the things I say out loud. (“Quarter Pounder with cheese, mustard, pickle, and onion” is an excellent example of this. Also, the fact that I’m constantly chewing on my foot (figuratively!) is one of the many reasons why you’ll probably never see me in person! I like to stay in my (mostly soundproof) house! I sing songs to my cats! Anyway!)

I wasn’t going to share this with you, but I suddenly feel like I should: Meredith was recently accepted into the gifted program at school. After consulting with us, her teacher recommended her, she tested surprisingly well, and Wham! Every Thursday morning she now reports to the middle school where she has her own locker and she changes classes along with an entire hallway of first and second graders who are also in the program. And I’m being intentionally vague, because it’s such a thin fence between bragging on your kid and not bragging and I suppose it’s not wrong to brag about your kid, and gheez. It’s just sort of new to me, but I will say this: Meredith LOVES her Thursdays, and I like to think of it as her song to sing—not mine.

This might seem like I’m changing the subject, but I’m not: Meredith gets car sick, and because of that, she can’t/won’t ride the bus. This morning I had to take her to the middle school at 9:00, pick her up at 11:00 (it was an early dismissal day), drive her to the elementary school, return home and feed Harper lunch, take Harper to the elementary at 12:30, go back to the middle school for the parent/teacher conference at 1:20, and then back home where I currently sit typingtypingtyping until 3:06 when I make my way back to the elementary to pick them both up. AND, because Jeff is in California and I slept like a horse last night (mostly on my feet, lots of fidgeting and swinging my tail at imaginary bugs), I’m feeling a bit raw.

And now I’m going to change into an even more opaque hat: Something was brought up at today’s conference that should have been brought up at last week’s conference with her elementary classroom teacher, and I’m currently stuck between a rock and a hard place (Ah! Clichés! Rattlesnakes!) because I feel the need to confront someone, but I secretly know I can’t because there’s a 17% chance that it might affect a friendship, and because I am who I am, this is going to bother me for days, and hey! I’m really liking that sick mom from American Idol, aren’t you?

After actually feeling tempted to taste goat meat last weekend, I am now 100% committed to learn how to cook authentic Indian food of the vegetarian variety. (Live long and prosper, Goats!) It seems that whenever Jeff and I get the chance to hit a restaurant, we always go for Indian. I’ve asked for cookbook recommendations on Twitter, and I’ve now added a few to my Amazon wish list. (Whee! A list of wishes!) I’m now wondering if you have any words of wisdom. What I really want is to figure out exactly how the place down the street makes their Delhi’s Chaat. From there? Saag paneer. And on and on until my house smells like an Indian Palace. (Don’t worry. I’m not going to go all Julie and Julia: The Indian Version on you. I’m not nearly that perky.)

Look. I knitted a hat and some washcloths for Meredith’s kindergarten teacher. There I go again, getting all twirly and knitting gifts for teachers!

Gifts for Boys, etc.


21 thoughts on “Swinging dead cats and wishing for the perfect naan.”

  1. Absolutely love the hat and washcloths… The colors are beautiful. Can you share info on the patterns/yarn? Please?

  2. I am interested to know what should have been spoken of in the earlier conference, but was not. Even though it’s none of my beeswax.

    And might I suggest you look for something that falls somewhere between “saying nothing” and “confrontation” – if you feel something must be said, I trust your gut.

  3. I sing to my cats and my dog. My last dog was named Raquel and I would sing the Police song Roxanne to her (of course changing the Roxanne to Raquel).

    I’m not at all surprised about Meredith. The stuff you write about her makes her sound like a great, gifted kid.

    Love the washclothes. Best washclothes I’ve ever had are ones my mom made. Alas, she doesn’t knit anymore. I need to pick up the hobby if I had time. hahahahahahahahaha

  4. So glad Meredith is loving her program. Sounds like fun, and it should keep her interested in and challenged by school. Yay MC!

    You could always write a confrontational letter and not mail it. Would that help?

  5. The “slept like a horse” comment made me laugh out loud. I have to remember that. I sleep like a damn horse nearly every night. That’s why I desperately need naps, but I never get that, because I am a single career gal, and they FROWN on the whole “sleeping for two hours in your office cuz yer tie-tie.” Thank God for those weekends I have no committments or else I’d have stroked out already. Just sayin’.

  6. My words of advice: eat the goat. It’s delicious.

    (And I would say “yay, Meredith!” but I have a feeling it would make you uncomfortable. So I’m doing a silent fist pump instead. Whee!)

  7. I love the knitted washcloths! Was just thinking this morning that I had to go out and buy some more regular one, as mine are all wearing out/falling apart. More info on them please….?

  8. I am not the slightest bit surprised that Meredith is in GT. She is always so witty and creative. Does a child in her class need to go to the Respect Party? You can’t leave us hanging like that… we have no lives…er, me, I have no life!

  9. Confront, confront, confront! It’s like curry for the soul.

    If you do the Indian Julie & Julia thing, maybe they’ll make a Bollywood movie about you. You’ll get to wear lots of colorful scarves to the premiere. I’m so there. (Wearing fewer scarves, in deference.)

  10. A second call for the pattern and yarn info! I am all about knitting the hats these days (right -for spring, but whatever, I’ll be all set for next year).
    Cook Book recommendation:
    Madhur Jaffrey – she’s got several different Indian food cookbooks and at least two vegeterian ones (maybe not limited to Indian food – might be more broadly Asian). I did not find the one my husband used to have – it had a recipe for mung beans and coconut milk and I think spinach and tomato – it coined the phrase in our house “I really like the fresh ingredients” which we now apply as a sort of inside joke/line whenever we make something good and fresh!

  11. Congratulations to MC! The Kid loves his Thursdays for the very same reason! See that dead cat just hit two kids! ;-)

    Sorry about the P-T Confer3ence drama. Do what you need to do, girl.

    Gorgeous knitties!!

  12. IMO, Ghee is the key to flavorful vegetarian. Or clarified butter if you can’t find ghee (melt the butter, skim the foam, pour through cheesecloth to remove the butter solids). Cooks at a higher temp without browning.

    Also peanut oil. Stay away from olive or vegetable oil. Makes a world of difference.

  13. Okay, well, I love reading your posts mostly because they’re so often all over the place, and I mean that in the best way. I want to say something about spitting and hitting a gifted child, but it won’t come out right. See? It didn’t.

    Okay, sacrilege to someone who likes to create their own masterpieces (I do) but Trader Joe’s makes a great Masala sauce. That’s all I’m going to say.

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