Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I’d have the facts.

Five years ago today I underwent a surgical procedure during which a low transverse uterine incision was made and a baby was removed.

First Glimpse of Harper

The first light that baby saw was not that of the sun. It was the harsh fluorescent light of a cold sterile room in which everyone present wore gowns and masks. (Except for me. As you can see, I was (mostly) naked. Welcome to my humble abdomen!)

Because we went with this cruel and seemingly harum-scarum method of introducing Harper Rose to the world, she has chosen to retaliate by refusing to eat most vegetables, and nary a bean shall touch her tongue.

Boxing's been good for her.

Happy Birthday, Harper Rose. You’re the coolest five year old I know.
(Happy Birthday to you as well, Harper Lee. You are the knees of the bees.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

20 thoughts on “Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I’d have the facts.”

  1. Yay! Happy birthday, Harper! And, you know, the other Harper. But mostly the first Harper. Which is your Harper. Alrighty. I think I need more coffee now.

  2. Happy Birthday to both girls! I’m pregnant with my first child and your stories really make me wish for adorable girls like yours. (Do not tell my husband or the fetus if it’s a boy). I am so hoping Meredith’s friend’s mom gets her act together and calls you soon. That situation is stressing me out more than it should. I hope you’ll be sticking with Fluid Pudding and cute baby animal photos for a while longer!

  3. Oh my. It appears you birth children with large heads also. I don’t have any still photos of my C-section(s). Oh no, I’ve got a whole movie with sound.

    Happy Birthday to everyone! Especially those with the first name of Harper. (To Kill a Mockingbird will forever remain at the top of my favorite book and movie list.)

  4. Never saw a c-section photo before, then two in one week! The other is on Dispatches from Utopia.

  5. Happy Birthday, Harper! I’ve always loved that name. Hope you do, too. A pretty name for a pretty girl.

  6. How is it that I managed successfully to avoid seeing my own caesarian operation, but I get to see yours?

    Happy 5th birthday. Come round and play with Littlest, who is also 5. Just, you know, hop on a plane after school.

  7. My sister was born by C-section; I was not. My sister went to and graduated from university. I did not. COINCIDENCE?

    (I, however, am not a fan of many beans. We stand in solidarity, Harper.)

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