Waffles and Lace and Lace and Waffles

So, ten weeks ago (give or take several days), I received a lovely rose bush from my parents, Harper fell in love with karate, and I began knitting my summer project. The Bad News: I’m afraid the rose bush has died (I took it out of the pot and replanted it in our front yard. More sun than shade, good soil, I water it often, what could have happened?! I haven’t yet had the heart to remove and dispose.). The Good News: Harper is now a yellow belt, and as of this morning, my summer shawl is completed, blocked, and sort of lovely. (You obviously cannot tell this from the photo, but the shawl extends below my butt! Vital.)

Vernal Equinox

I firmly believe if you can follow a recipe, you can knit a shawl. Similarly, if you can follow a recipe, you can make OSM waffles.

OSM Waffles

The waffles are definitely not lovely. In fact, they look sort of spongy and inedible, don’t they? Ah, but I promise you: They are delicious and full of millet and cracked wheat and sunflower seeds and oats, and they speed up the hair growth under your arms and make you want to put on bulky shoes and go on stinky hikes for hours.

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10 thoughts on “Waffles and Lace and Lace and Waffles”

  1. My initial thought upon seeing those waffles was that I’d never seen anything that looked like it needed a hug as badly as those waffles. So sad. And yet you say that they were OK. I’ll take your word for it.

    And speaking of words, I suppose that one could say that it’s both a big-ass shawl AND a big ass shawl, then. Hmm? BEHOLD! THE POWER OF THE HYPHEN!

  2. Roses are so finicky. Maybe you overwatered or maybe it was too close to the house or maybe the rose was just emo and didn’t want to live….

  3. I am so impressed at what beautiful work you did with that shawl, and I also need to know what OSM stands for. Google things it’s the Office of Surface Mining, but I wanted to check with you before I made the waffles. I don’t want to be end up on some government list.

  4. I want to win one of your prizes, I really do but they are always just for people who live in America. Sad little sigh.

  5. I made the waffles! They were good, and certainly crunchy. I had been a little wary with all that raw millet and cracked wheat in there. My husband found them too crunchy, alas, said they hurt his teeth, though he did enjoy the flavor. We found the grains softened a little after the batter sat a while. I think next time though, I’ll leave out the millet and cracked wheat and increase the oats (rolled) and sunflower seeds, and maybe try adding a little coconut. I was also nervous about the lack of any salt in the recipe, but I tasted the batter before cooking and it seemed fine, and they were. Must have been enough salt in the butter to do the trick.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ohhh I was wondering how the shawl was coming along! I love the color you chose. I just finished clue 3 on mine. Though I guess they’re not really “clues” when you start the thing long after the big reveal.

  7. I’ve got a little karate kid too; it’s been terrific for my daughter in so many ways. Sorry to hear about your rosebush. I own the Charlie Brown rosebush, er, brown twig. It won’t technically die, so I can’t replace it, but man, is it ever pathetic.

  8. Gorgeous shawl! I haven’t ever thought about butt coverage in shawls as I seem to wear mine as scarves but now I will think about that every time I contemplate a shawl.

    The comment about the waffles needing a hug made me bark out a laugh which startled the neighbor’s cat who was lurking outside my screen door unbeknownst to me which in turn startled me. So there’s that.

    Also now I want waffles.

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