Do you mean Wish like The Wicked Wish?!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been helping out in Meredith’s classroom. To make a long story short: While in first grade, the second graders learned 100 Word Wall Words. These are high frequency words that we all see every single day. My job is to test the kids on these words to make sure they know how to spell them correctly. The goal is to get through all 100 words before the parent/teacher conferences next week.

We breezed through the first set of words—words like A and The and Of. Now we’re starting to get into homonyms. Cue the hilarity.

Me: Number 15 is To. We went TO the store.

Student A: Like, TWO of us went to the store?

Me: No. Like, I went TO my room.

Student B: Like, I went to your room, TOO?

Me: Number 16 is Been. We have BEEN taking this test for seven hours. Been.

Student A: Like, I’ve BEEN to Florida, or like my COUSIN Ben?

Student B: Number 16 is Cousin?!

I’ll be sad when the spelling tests are over. Did I mention that one of the words was But? Yep. That one got a lot of laughs.

Interestingly enough, no one flinched at As. This is why I like seven year olds. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. I once did something like in my daughter’s first grade. The task was to name and spell a word in response to a picture. The first picture was of the sun. “Thun” responded the adorable child. “Thun?” I asked. The child indignantly responded, “I didn’t thay thun, I thaid THUN.”

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