AND, welcome back.

As I sit at the computer this morning (making good on my promise to tout my final Laughing Cow post), the girls are in the front room eating Honey Nut Cheerios and watching as Jeff plays Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. This is what Christmas is all about. (This is not really what Christmas is all about.)

Meredith: Are you SURE we don’t have school today?

Me: Yes.

Meredith: Positive?

Me: Positive.

Meredith: Should we drive by just in case?

Me: Yes. Go get dressed and check your backpack for notes and stale cupcakes. Do you have some lunch money?

Meredith: Really?

Me: No.

Christmas was good to the Puddings, and I have new long underwear (shirts, not bottoms—I’ll handle my own bottoms) to prove it. I also received the yarn to make this sweater, so let’s hope that happens sometime before 2015, because what a cute sweater! It will go great with my long underwear shirts! Also, Jeff surprised me with this, which means I can now do my goofy drawings for Fluid Pudding without actually having to: 1. grab a Sharpie and a piece of paper, 2. hope for no huge goofs, 3. fire up the scanner, 4. adjust the white levels, 5. are you getting the idea that it’s all so exhausting to be crappy-stick-figure-drawing me sometimes?! (It’s okay. I make my hot tea in the microwave to make up for it. Also, I rarely touch the Scrubbing Bubbles.)


I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves out there in the heat and the snow and the whatever you’re having. (Supposedly, we just had our first white Christmas in 17 years. Personally, I remember snow eight years ago, because I was pregnant with Meredith and I remember everyone feeling the need to grab my arm and help me up and down hills and sidewalks. Am I the only one who remembers the snowy Christmas of 2002? Help me out here.) There are only 24 hours or so left in the final Laughing Cow giveaway, and I would love it if one of you would walk away with the $150 Visa gift card! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “AND, welcome back.”

  1. Oh! Oh! I made that sweater! You should totally get started on it, it’s worth it. I’ve been wearing mine near constantly since I finished it. (Really, got into work one day and a coworker looked at me and said “You’re never taking that thing off are you?” I’m an engineer. My coworkers are engineers. It takes quite a bit before clothing choices are noticed.)

  2. Merry (2 days after) Christmas!

    And I love the yarn and that sweater. I’ve had the print out for that pattern sitting and mocking me and my terrible memory for a couple of weeks now (thought I had the perfect yarn for it and don’t actually have the yarn anymore). So for now it’s just a dream. Maybe I should go to the yarn store today. This comment has gotten off the rails.

    Merry Christmas is what I wanted to say.

  3. You got a Wacom! I’m so excited for you!! Also. I love that sweater. So much that I’m about halfway done with one myself. Love.

  4. 2005, definitely. I have a picture of it and a snarky text message reply from friends in Atlanta (who had one this year, btw).

  5. I do remember that because I always got an SUV to drive home to St. Louis and that year I brought a boyfriend home with me. We almost didn’t get a four wheel drive, but he insisted at the rental place that we had asked for one so they had to switch us at the last minute. Good thing we did, otherwise we would have been stuck at my parents house instead of going out to eat. I don’t think it snowed on Christmas though, I think maybe this was the first snow actually on Xmas in a while.

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