Typical Night at The Puddings

So, a few days back we celebrated the ten year anniversary of Jeff’s proposal.

That night, Jeff and I found ourselves in bed together (it was time!), and we began talking.

Me: Well, it looks like our ten year anniversary is coming up, and according to the website I’ve pulled up on my iPod, you are to present me with diamonds or tin.

Jeff: Is beer still available in tin cans?

Me: Stop it. This website suggests you buy a copy of the movie Tin Cup for me. Don’t do that.

Jeff: Yikes. I won’t.

Me: It also thinks we should get a German Shepherd. You know, named Rin Tin Tin.

Jeff: No.

Me: Don’t get me a Neil Diamond CD.

Jeff: I’m starting to fall asleep.

Me: The tenth anniversary flower is the daffodil. I wonder who came up with that?

Jeff: MensaPizzaWagon.

Me: How about a trip to a South African diamond mine?

Jeff: . . .

Me: I’ve never really wanted a tennis bracelet, but I sort of feel like I SHOULD want one. But what I REALLY want is a Fabergé egg. I want the world. I want the WHOLE world! I want to lock it all UP in my pocket! It’s MY bar of chocolate!

Jeff: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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8 thoughts on “Typical Night at The Puddings”

  1. We gave up on this after year one, when Mr Coffee failed to respond with the required outpourings of love and devotion to a gift of origami paper.

    I’m amazed we’ve got past it, to be honest.

  2. I believe Jeff should craft a replica faberge egg from tin and diamonds. It’s the least he can do, really.

  3. Due to his business travel I once found myself in the position of being alone with my childhood friend’s husband on their Appliance Anniversary. We photographed ourselves ceremonially presenting each other with blenders & such. Then sent the photos home. Also I gave him a big magic marker tattoo of a heart with my name in it. To my knowledge this is the most traditional anniversary celebration either of us has had to date in our 15+ combined yrs of marriage.

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