Oh my Goth!

Is this right?

I throw in my sponge! (My make-up sponge.) My inconsolable soul able to weep these tears no more. No more!

I hereby draw the line. (Around my eye!) ((With a felt-tipped applicator that gives me ultimate control.))

Oh! My mumpish existence. If you blur your perception, a fish appears to be consuming my bulbus oculi. Eye? Ideally, I’ll be able to recreate his brother on my other side.

(I’m now ready for tomorrow’s Parent Teacher Conferences.)

Yes. That's right.

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10 thoughts on “Oh my Goth!”

  1. I’m wearing the same eyemakeup tomorrow for my gloriously tragic…trip to the supermarket and my shrink. Because I’m an ADULT and I can do whatever the hell I WANT. Woot! Love you, sweetie! You look fab!

  2. *loving* the curlies at the edge!

    Looks a lot better than something I would do (I’m a non-makeup wearer…my sister gave me an easy-to-use eye makeup kit for Christmas and I’m hesitant to try!)

  3. I LOVE it! I think it looks amazing! What fun – and I like what Miss Banshee said, I’m an adult and I can do whatever the hell I want. Perfect. Now I’m off to eat Butterfingers and drink strawberry pop for my lunch! Then I’m going to go play with makeup!

  4. I need a longer distance shot for perspective, please. Can’t get a feel for the effect up so close.

    You are a creative one, Ms. Pudding.

  5. Tell me more about this felt-tipped applicator. I have been doing this ridiculous routine of putting on super think eye liner and then eye make up removering 86% of it off so I don’t look like a crack whore.

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