I’ve been thinking about Christmas knitting.

As you know, I’m a fan of knitting. AND, I’m a fan of giving things away. Four months ago (Really? Has it been that long?! Yes! It has!), we helped raise some money to get Aaron a bike. I paired up a giveaway with that post, and I’m pleased to report that the fingerless mitts for Peggy are finished.

Karin Plus One

Oh! But wait! Does Peggy have three arms?

Ha! She does not! Less than twenty minutes after I finished the mitts and soaked them, my beautiful dogs removed one of them from the table where they were  drying. The dogs then chewed the mitt and it felted a bit, and I deemed it completely unworthy of gifting. SO, I devoted the next several hours to knitting a replacement. (If you have any one-handed friends, let me know. Now that the chewed mitt has been rewashed and dried, it really doesn’t look that bad! It might make a great water bottle cozy for a long skinny water bottle with a thumb!)

Now that Christmas is around the corner, I took a few minutes of time during my lunch with Tempe (VegaDeli!) and made a quick list of what I plan to knit between now and the holidays. Five pairs of fingerless mitts and five coffee cozies. Fifteen items in a little over seven weeks. With the dogs’ cooperation, it’s nearly doable. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking about Christmas knitting.”

  1. When you said cozy for a skinny water bottle with a thumb… I think you’re describing a bong cozy. Imagine the marketing possibilities!

    ( I hope this post doesn’t offend)

  2. Those look great! All three of them. What’s the pattern?

    I’m making fingerless gloves for my mother for Christmas, need to find a cowl pattern for a friend, and trying to stop myself from adding more to the list. Why does knitting Christmas presents sound better the less time I have?

  3. A bong cozy!!! Mwahahahha. That is funny! You should send the extra one to the winner because people (me) always lose stuff!

  4. My sister asked for a sweater and I showed her a few options. What does she pick? Melia from “Little Red in the City” by Ysolda Teague. I am not worried about finishing, but I am worried about burning myself out. (My sister gets whatever knitted things she wants because she said I make “really bitchin’ things.”)

  5. Some days having a third arm would definitely come in handy, but alas, I only have two. The mitts look great and I can’t wait for the weather to get chilly enough for me to wear them!

  6. I plan on making aprons for all the Godmothers of my children. Being silly, I have no time to do such things, but I want my children to decorate the ones for their Godmothers. For the Godfathers, I still haven’t decided what to do, but it should be something equally personal. One Godfather is getting a mason jar filled with special stones picked up over the year by my eldest daughter, specifically for him (and probably a batch of cookies), the other one–no idea. I knit very poorly and my crocheting is at the same level, but I think it should be something made with the help of my child. Any ideas? Christmas just sneaks up on you, doesn’t it?!!

  7. The knitting bug has started to bite. I’ve been thinking I need to go back to knitting something with actual yarn (not plarn or wire). Something soft. Something easy. Need to do a yarn inventory.

  8. Brainstorming time, people!

    1) Gift ideas for things to make with kids (for Effie, above)

    2) Plausible ways for Angela to multi-task effectively, specifically for knitting while blogging.

    Oh, hey! I’ve got it!!!!! Angie, for the rest of the month why not video blog! You just sit there in front of your computer camera thingy, knitting away while you chat with us for a bit about whatever you might have been blogging about that day. So personal. So cozy. So PRODUCTIVE!

    And yes, once again I am committing to comment, however inanely, on every post this month. If you’ve got what it takes to write ’em, the least we can do is express our appreciation :-)

  9. LOVE those!!! They look so cozy warm!!!
    BTW -Aaron still loving his new bike!!! We have to go out for a quick ride around the drive way most mornings before the bus comes and in the evening after dinner!!!!

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