Sunday Bloody Sunday is played at a tempo of 103 beats per minute.

You guys, I was just getting ready for bed (at 8:55 because I’m cool like that) when I remembered NaBloPoMo. Is this month almost over?

I’ve spent a lot of time in my car (driving to the store and back home and to the pharmacy and back home and to the bookstore and back home) this weekend. I’m pleased to report that listening to Keith Olbermann reading James Thurber is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever listened to while running errands. Driving and laughing.

This evening for dinner I had lentil soup with garlic breadsticks. Afterwards, I snacked on the pumpkin pie that my parents delivered yesterday afternoon. They also delivered a steam cleaner and a Christmas ornament that counts down the hours and minutes until Christmas.

The girls are in bed, and I’m getting ready to do the same. BUT, please know that sometime after midnight I’ll be receiving the food issue of The New Yorker on my Nook, and within that issue is an eight page article on SweeTango apples. I may not be able to sleep tonight. (I love pre-ordering things for the Nook and then watching them magically appear. ‘Tis a gift to be simple.)

I still haven’t decided what to contribute for the Thanksgiving meal.

Good News: We haven’t seen any lice in 22 hours. The End. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “Sunday Bloody Sunday is played at a tempo of 103 beats per minute.”

  1. Oh, oh! This reminds me. I dragged my beloved husband across an un-crosswalked urban(ish) street last week, in the middle of a pouring-down-rain storm (directlyinfrontofapatrolcarwhichcouldhavegivenusaticketforjaywalkingbutdidnt,praisecharliebrown!) specifically to duck in to a small up-scale greengrocer place on the off chance that they might have (even so much as heard of) SweeTango apples. The produce guy looked at me oddly (with perhaps a bit of an Hispanic grin) and…shrugged. Shrugged! It was my fifth attempt to locate this bounty in our area. I am officially giving up for the season. But, next year? Pull out the sofa-bed, Angie. I’ll be making a field trip in your direction the second you mention those babies are available again!
    Come hell or high water, I am determined to taste a Sweetango before I die!!

  2. I ready the NYer article last night! Apple husbandry! Anyway, after your glowing assessment and the intriguing NYer piece, I am off to search for SweeTangos today. Wish me luck!

  3. Ooh, ooh! Make your faux caramel apple salad! I love that — go the recipe from you and still make it about once a year, ususally for company. Sooo good.
    Also, hooray!
    Also also, your parents are nice.

  4. I’m cooking a whole turkey. I’m not sure how it happened that the (only) vegetarian at the dinner is the one cooking the turkey, but hey, if it sucks I don’t really care.

  5. mmm I love pumpkin pie….going vegan would be really hard on account of no eggs=no pumpkin pie (or does it? I don’t know)

    YAY no lice!

  6. Stayin’ Alive also has 103 bpm which makes both songs awesome for doing chest compressions to (something has to be awesome about doing chest compressions)

  7. has many awesome vegetable recipes (also pumpkin breadpudding – not pumpkin bread breadpudding).

  8. I went to four different groceries and no one even heard of them! I have not given up quite yet, though!

  9. I’m going to make you a bumper sticker that reads, “Lice free and lovin’ it!’ But maybe I should go to Google dot com and see if anyone else beat me to it.

  10. Hooray for the ridding of the lice! Good luck on tracking down your (completely mythical) apples.

  11. I am going to vouch for Angela. SweeTango apples ARE really real! They are worth every penny. (especially if you are on an apple picking allowance)

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