2 thoughts on “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

  1. (So, this is completely unrelated (as I can’t view your lovely songs at work))

    Since you are the Cakeball Queen: I have to make 3 cakes worth of cakeballs for tomorrow and I have 3 cakes all made and crumbled in their own bowls waiting for the icing treatment. My question: would it work if I crumbled up some candy canes and mixed them in with the cake and icing? And I want to do a cream cheese icing for one batch and peanut butter icing for the final batch. Are there any special tricks of the trade for melting the chocolate just right? I’ve been using my microwave and that just doesn’t work right–it doesn’t stay liquidy long enough….I’m going to try a pot over a pan of boiling water and hope I don’t burn myself. I’m kind of overthinking it, I’m sure….I hope they work.

    Happy Wednesday!

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