Six elbow lengths of yarn per catcher of dreams…

Tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day party at school. It is my final party as a double head room parent, and for that, I am ecstatic.

The first graders will be playing Tape the Lips on the Teacher. They’ll be eating ice cream cups with sprinkles, drinking something liquid that I’ll figure out in the morning, and making floral wire heart dreamcatchers. An estimation jar full of M&M’s will be available if time permits.

Heart Dreamcatcher

The third graders will be playing cupid by shooting Q-tips through a straw into a bucket. They’ll be eating ice cream cups and popcorn, drinking Hi-C that an awesome mom dropped off this afternoon, and making floral wire heart dreamcatchers. Estimation jar? Of course.

The girls and I are especially proud of their Valentines.

Harp Valentine

Meredith Valentine

(Thank God for Pinterest.)

Let’s see. What else? The doctor found a third stress fracture in my leg last week, so I now have crutches that I’m not using because I suck at them. I’ve been told to stay off of my leg, but I haven’t been in a position where I *can* stay off of my leg. In other words, I’m failing Recovery, but doing a really awesome job eating entirely too many Caramel Hershey Kisses. Because of this, I’m actually going to attend a Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday. “Enough is enough,” say the red rings around my hips that have formed because all of my waistbands are entirely too tight. Enough is enough.

(I had a bone density test today. I undid my pants and watched my bones appear on my technician’s computer monitor. It was magical. Results? Pending.)

Last night I learned that I would rather sleep ON a mattress than IN a mattress. I’m learning so much about myself.

It’s doing this in our back yard right now.

Snow! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

20 thoughts on “Six elbow lengths of yarn per catcher of dreams…”

  1. you’re amazing! I was pitching fits because I forgot to make the rice krispy treat hearts that Clara is giving for valentines tomorrow. That project took less than 15 minutes.

    Such cute ideas. They’ll vote you in again next year with a performance like that!!

  2. I suck at crutches, too. They fall under the category of Things That Are 1,000,000 Times Harder Than They Look.

    Those valentines are SUPER RAD. I am sad that my kids are too old to hand out valentines now. (Although H did make a tiny little hand-painted stack of them, all of which say, “Happy Valentines Day to my single ladies.” I guess her attached ladies get bupkis this year.)

    P.S. Get well soon, yer bones. Geez.

  3. Those valentines are fantastic. My graphic designer husband is very impressed and declared them awesome, and he is a Professional Creator of these kinds of things.

  4. Caramel Hershey Kisses? How did I not know about this amazing treat? Your creativity astounds me! Good luck with the crutches, don’t slip in the snow.

  5. Those valentine’s are super cute!

    Also, hey. You are not impressing anyone with the number of stress fractures, missy. Are you in some kind of weird contest? Did someone write you and be all “heeey, you have a stress fracture? I have TWO!” and you were all “OH IT’S ON, B*TCH!”

    Anyway, heal quickly and feel better!

  6. Crutches + ice/snow = bad combo!!! Be super careful. I know all about ditching crutches on the early side. It’s a *huge* part of why my left ankle has been broken 8 times. So…stay off of your leg, d#$%it!!

  7. Those Valentine’s Day cards.

    OMG you are such an awesome mom & homeroom mom that I would hate you with envy if you weren’t so great in every possible way.

    Ah, horrible snow. I’ll bet your kids are excited though!

  8. Great projects and ideas for Valentine’s Day. Hope your leg heals quickly and it isn’t too much snow. And I cannot wait till this year is over so I don’ have to help be a class mom.

  9. Wait, does that mean you have a super soft matress and you hate it or that you had some kind of mattress malfunction? I’ve been mattress shopping and I keep hearing that you sleep in a memory foam mattress and on a latex mattress. I have no idea how to know what kind I want – other than a free one which apparently doesn’t exist.

    Also, use the damned crutches already. It’s good for your upper body strength and if you’re like me you also suck at hopping around on one leg without injuring yourself. Get better and if I ever get further than week three maybe we’ll run a race together late this year.

  10. those are the best valentines I’ve seen to date, except for the ones my Katrina gave me this morning. She woke up so excited and ran to her hiding spot, counted them out and said “good, I’ve got all 5”. I asked, “But sweetie, did you make one for yourself then?” And then she handed me one that says “Mama” and one that says “Baby”. I melted. Such a sweetie. They are poorly cut-out, crayon-coloured hearts with German phrases (made at her German school on Saturday) and say “Sei mein” and “Du bist Lieb”…very adorable!

  11. Best valentines ever. Totally stealing.

    P.S. I friended you on Ravelry the other day. I hope that wasn’t stalker-y since we don’t actually know each other. I really want to learn some new knitting skills this year and I’ve always admired your projects.

  12. Valentines – awesome.
    Class activities – extremely fun. (I’m saving the cupid game for the dinner club,though. My kid & his friends would totally aspirate a the q-tip)
    Stress fractures – sucktastic. I am so very sorry.

  13. ANGELA!!! CHICK!!! Although, I kept typing CUTE!!! LOL This whole post makes me say fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! LOL I guess it means something! The cutest valentine’s ever your girls have!! I also have been through the ‘thrill’ of double room parenting///bless us :)! And, you did it with such, SUCH flair!!! I so luv you! We are so very much a like…and I am supposed to be a knitter but I keep resisting…perhaps *you* are my teacher…LOL. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Or as the first graders at school said today~(I am a teacher! P.S. perhaps you are supposed to be a teacher xxxooxx) Happy VALENTIME’S day!!! kisses, hugs, and love to you. Perhaps you are best are your back!!! hahahahahahaha! xxooxx only Jeff knows, yes?! xx

  14. Those Valentines are brilliant! I read so many “mommy” blogs where they think they are doing it all wrong, but let me just say you’re way better at this mom thing than I could ever be.

  15. How did it GO?

    I just realized something horrible. In spite of my unsightly love for you I’m actually glad you aren’t homeroom mother in my daughter’s class. She’s very dissatisfied with me and she’d be comparing me to you extremely unfavorably in about 2 minutes flat.

  16. I bought the stuff to do the cupid arrow thing, but the only straws I could find were the bendy one and they kept getting stuck. Glad I tried it before hand. I hope you get a chance to stay off your leg a little bit.

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