Finishing Touches

The parties? They are over. The first graders hated the dreamcatchers, and that was sort of a bummer because the principal dropped by during the craft portion of their party. In other words, the principal got there just in time to see seventeen first graders on the verge of tears during what is supposed to be a happy-faced celebration of love and candy. (I’m just warming them up for the Love Sucks parties they’ll surely attend in college. Those were the greatest. And the worst.)

From what I hear, all but one of the third graders had a great time at their party. The one in question was a puker. Apparently, he had been sick all day, and the ice cream took him over the edge. I’m now done with parties. I’m done with parties! (Picture me doing a really difficult to watch dance with my hands in the air!)

Speaking of the principal (two paragraphs up), because the school reached (and exceeded) their goal for the Jump Rope for Heart event, the principal allowed the students to tape him to the wall.

Taped to the wall...

(I could never ask permission to publish his photo at Fluid Pudding (imagine the awkward explanations: um, it’s a personal website where I talk about our family but I try not to exploit the girls and I never mention the school by name and sometimes I knit or something), so I daisyfied him. It’s much easier that way.)

You’ll be pleased to know (I tend to assume a lot, don’t I?) that Meredith and Harper were the top fundraising students for the American Heart Association. Thank you so much for your donations. (Confession: If you were to divide their total amount in half, it equaled the amount of the second place student. In other words, I went home feeling a bit weird that it wasn’t announced as a three way tie. (Meredith and Harper looked to be the only sibling team.) I didn’t want to appear all manipulative and scheming, SO I made another quick donation. I know. I’m always swimming in guilt and assumptions. It’s part of my charm? Question mark?) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Finishing Touches”

  1. huh. I would never have guessed that the dream catchers would not have been a hit. My kids love dream catchers…….who knew? Glad you are done!!!

  2. I hear you on being done with room mom. I don’t mind, but when the ones that are supposed to be doing it don’t and I kindly step in and take care of it and then they email the teacher the day of the party saying they are bringing stuff for the party (for which I have already taken care of, mind you), it get’s a little frustrating! :( Love the idea of taping the principal to the wall.

  3. I did the Valentine’s party for my daughter, Addison, but she’s still in preschool. The kids are 4/turning 5. I made a bag toss game. Ok, I wrapped a box in red paper and cut a hole in top. Addison covered it in heart-shaped stickers. My crafty MIL sewed the bean bags as I have no skill in that dept. Anyway, it was great fun, and apparently the kids keep asking the teacher when I’m coming back to play games. Lesson? End my room parent career on this high note!

  4. You said puker in relation to Valentine’s parties and I suddenly had a flashback to a nearly forgotten episode on Valentine’s day 1976 when I came home after kindergarten and threw up down the kitchen stairs. The fancy party snack had been red finger jello hearts that we decorated with spray whipped cream and sprinkles.

    Have not eaten finger jello since.

    And I’m very sorry to all the people who just read that while eating. Hope it wasn’t finger jello.

  5. I don’t get how they didn’t like the dream catchers. What’s to dislike?

    I see my days of avoiding “room parent” as numbered. I’m the one with the allergy kid, *and* I’m crafty, *and* I like to be in control of things, *and* I’m always biting off more than I can chew. I imagine other parents can sense the room parent target on my back. And right now I’m only working like 60 hours a week, so I should be able to throw that in, right?

  6. Please please tell me that finger jello isn’t jelly with fingers in it? I have a really nasty vision relating to scissors, small children and a lot of squealing. Question mark? Exclamation mark!

  7. Your charm is more potent than that, for sure.

    How cool is that principal. Is this a public school? I didn’t realize they’d be so cool there.

    I’m sorry the party didn’t go well. WHAT IS WRONG WITH KIDS THESE DAYS? Dream catchers prevent nightmares! Do they want nightmares? Srsly.

    Congrats to Meredith and Harper though!

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