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It’s 9:54 at night, and I just finished individually wrapping 25 cake balls for tomorrow morning’s DCAWS bake sale at the Lafayette Square location of Four Muddy Paws.

cake balls

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to come up with a price for the balls, so I checked online for a few ideas. Do you know that some people charge $42 for one dozen cake balls? It’s true. (The money made at this particular bake sale will pay for medical treatment for a few of DCAWS’s needier animals. I’m thinking two dollars per cake ball.) ((I’m actually thinking FIVE dollars per cake ball, because IT’S FOR THE ANIMALS!))

A good friend of mine sent this link to me a few months ago, and I *still* can’t get through it without choking up.

Tomorrow morning we’re attending the nuptials of a couple who traveled a long and rocky road to make it to their wedding day. This is going to be a good one.

Also, I have 250 points accrued at Sephora, and this weekend they’re offering a Buxom lip set for 250 points! Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.

(I promise to actually write something next week. This every day thing is tricky, no? No?) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. What? Is it NoMoBlahPo month again?? I missed that. gonna have to scroll back & catch up with my commitment to be here for you, Angie. Rock those cake pops tomorrow, woman!

    Oh, and the price? Until I actually took on the assignment of making 11 dozen bakery-quality sugar cookies for my daughter-in-law a few months back, I had NO cognizance as to the value of hand-made baked goods. But dayum, those things were labor-intensive. $4/cookie would only barely have come close to providing an hourly wage of something around 2o cents by the time I factored in repeat trips to the craft store for additional supplies, cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, and all the extra analgesics required to recover from the marathon. $2/cake ball seems quite reasonable to me — you can always have a “close-out” sale at the end if they don’t sell fast enough :-)

  2. Phew — all caught up now. Gotta schedule in some daily stretches from here on, so I’ll be on my game for the rest of the month :-)

  3. I think Starbucks charges $3 for theirs….and they are not for the puppies ! Just the stockholders.
    Have a great time at the wedding -I hope it is filled with joy.

  4. Oooh, I hope you got the Buxom set! I rarely (never) use an entire anything in my makeup kit; I always find something I like better before I run out, and the remaining quarter-to-half of the abandoned product is left to sift its way to the bottom of the bag … but I have re-purchased Buxom lip glosses because I actually used them all up and love them so much! I have full lips, so I don’t need the plumping effect, but I like the tingly zing, and they LAST so much longer than any other gloss.

  5. That Creep is divine. I’m such a rabid Radiohead fangirl that it takes something special to make me appreciate a cover. This one has it.

  6. Your cake balls look a lot better then the cake balls I made for my sister in laws then bridal picnic. Tasted fine just not as pretty. What is your secret? And that version of creep well right now I have a very soggy key board.

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