Governor Lobster with a Beard in the Conservatory

My head  is stomping on me (with razor blade socks and flare-shooting slippers) this evening, so I need to keep this short.

I bet I’m the only person in the entire world who spent some time today knitting a sweater for a lobster.

Rock Lobster

Also, the beard is a moustache away from being finished, and if I were to establish an appreciation society for Black Hockey Jesus, this would be the recommended uniform, only because when I tried the beard on for a photo last night, my very first thought was, “Yes. Black Hockey Jesus.”

It's time for a @blackhockeyjesus Appreciation Society.

I had dinner with Tempe this evening, and as I drove home, Firewood shuffled onto my iPod and I rolled my windows down and let the cold air blast me in the face and everything was absolutely perfect for four minutes and fifty four seconds.

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5 thoughts on “Governor Lobster with a Beard in the Conservatory”

  1. You’re right, you probably ARE the only one who knitted a lobster sweater today. Way to be unique!
    Good job on the daily posts, Angie! I am impressed.

  2. I’m going to see Regina live and in person on Monday..and I downloaded free sheet music for Samson last week. I can sort of play it now and am thinking of playing along and lip synching with her on my I-pod. Right now I just imagine her voice! She was interviewed on Fresh Air recently and sounds like such a cool person.

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