204 words still counts.

So, it looks like I need someone to move into our house and make fun of me every time I eat a handful of chocolate chips. It’s getting ridiculous.

Actually, let’s not even talk about it.

We topped off our anniversary weekend by taking the girls to see Frankenweenie. The girls loved it, and I cried like a baby. Success.

After the movie, the girls and I walked around the subdivision to pick up an Avon order. On the way back to our house, Christy gave us some of her amazing soap, as well as the inspiration to bake something. (I’m not sure what just yet. But something. Maybe from the vegan cookie book. Hrm. Go back up and read the first sentence of this entry. I’ll wait right here.)

This is my winter coat. It was an anniversary gift from Jeff, it will be arriving in the next few days, and if it doesn’t fit, you’ll see me go rancid.

I’m cranky this evening. My left leg is messed up, I ate cereal and corn chips for dinner, and I’m 0/3 with the things I wanted to accomplish today. I know it could be much worse. So much worse. Know that I know that. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “204 words still counts.”

  1. Super cute coat. It will be perfect!

    I’m 0/4 for the weekend and it’s starting to rain so I’m giving myself a reassuring pat on the back for being cranky.

  2. That coat is the awesome! Especially the collar!! Also don’t you have some complementary hand spun? Or has that already been knit up?

  3. Your math is way off! You wrote this post, and you picked up that Avon order, did great stuff with your kids & who knows what all else that was probably on your list. Sounds like at least 3/6 to me, Kiddo. Tomorrow is another day. And a fine day for not eating chocolate chips, I might add.

  4. Take your chocolate chips and make a trail between the things you need to do. Then chase the dogs around so they don’t eat them before you. Portion control, exercise, and productivity!

  5. What marianne said. Good advice.

    I love that coat. I pictured it with one of your beautiful hand knit items as an accessory when the weather is cold. You will be adorable.

    When you get very old, you will learn that you only have to do ONE thing each day to have fulfilled your responsibilities. People let you get away with it because they’re afraid you’ll collapse if you exert yourself.

  6. I just bought a pink peacoat from Lands End this year. I needed something other than black or brown or blue for the long winter!

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