October 22nd has less than three hours remaining.

I dropped the kids off this morning and drove straight out to the lake for a run.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The sky was looking a little bleak, but I had checked the radar and everything seemed to be okay. When I got about halfway around the lake, the thunder started in. A few minutes later, it POURED down rain. During my run, I had been passing and being passed by a woman who is about my age and about my size. When the rain started, she FLEW past me. I picked up my pace as much as I could, but I am seriously not very good at this running thing. A few minutes later, I reached the bridge. My competition was sitting under the bridge waiting out the rain. And, yes. That was probably the smart thing to do, but This Was A Race. (To me. And to her, although she probably wouldn’t admit it. She’s shifty like that. In my mind.) Instead of chilling out under the bridge, I decided to fly past her to show her that I’m stouthearted with the endurance of a kangaroo. (Did you know that kangaroos can hop nonstop for twenty miles, and each hop is fifteen to twenty feet long?! I just looked it up!)

I made it back to my car as quickly as I could. Victorious. And drippy. And with the biggest forehead you have ever seen.

Homely Wet T-Shirt Contest

After showering, eating a baked sweet potato, and making a trip to the grocery store for dinner supplies, I found myself in the school pick-up line with this on my leg.

My Favorite

(They’re vegan. And delicious. They’re not as good as my father’s Snickerdoodles, but they come (sort of) close.)

Tonight? Sadly, I had to do this.


Last month I had a headache that lasted 17 days. Today is the 15th day of this particular headache. Tomorrow I’m going to make some calls to check into massage and acupuncture.

I hope you enjoyed your Monday. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

17 thoughts on “October 22nd has less than three hours remaining.”

  1. I’m thinking it’s not that the cookie is so huge, it’s that the leg is so skinny from all that running!!

    Boo, hiss and bother about the headache stuff (again/still!) but yay for being brave enough to consider acupuncture. Will be very interested to hear how that goes (if you try it)

    15 days it plenty long enough to endure that sucker. Tomorrow? Kick it!

  2. Going strong! It’s such a treat to see your daily updates. I hope it doesn’t mean you take the whole month of November off, though. I’m getting used to this. Don’t spoil us!
    Please keep us updated on the acupuncture front. Are you taking your vitamin b2 and magnesium?

  3. What a lovely photo of the leaves.

    I am sorry you got poured on and have a headache/migraine. I really feel for you. And your forehead is not big. I will send you a snapshot of mine. Hah. Ok that sounded odd. LOL.

  4. Sorry to hear about the long-running headache. I share your large forehead issue. My husband likes to claim, “It’s not a forehead, it’s an eight-head!” (Name that movie).

  5. Wow – I suffered horribly from migraines, but yours sound worse, if that’s any sort of weird consolation. I never tried acupuncture (although it’s said to get results) or botox because that wasn’t available back then. And the triptans sent me into a tizzy. Doctors don’t seem to prescribe Fiorinal (an ergot) anymore, although that’s what my mother took for the same problem. I relied on codeine. I know you’ve done all the research, but there were some things I just couldn’t eat, like cheese. I don’t know if a vegetarian diet is better or worse for migraines. Menopause, the definitive cure, is too far off for you, so I hope and pray you find something that works!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ummm, I just checked with the Kangaroos at the back door and they said their longest jump on any run would only be about 5 feet depending on age and strength…obviously big buckeroos can jump further than the young ‘uns….perhaps they can jump a bit further when Zoe is chasing them away from her patch….just sayin’….KAZZ

  7. You eat so healthy, that I’m sure you’re aware of this. But in case you aren’t, sodium nitrates/nitrites are huge migraine causers, as well as MSG. BJ has eliminated the above ingredients from his diet, and has gotten rid of 85-90% of his migraines.

    Duh! You’re also a vegetarian, so the nitrite/nitrate issue probably isn’t one for you, because I’m only aware of those ingredients in cured meats.

  8. So, there is no way I would have the fortitude to be out running on day 15 of a headache…not even day 2! Much less in the rain…you won…for a lot of reasons.

  9. Nutter Butters! My mother would NEVER EVER buy us Nutter Butters. Sometimes Oreos or other cookies, she made cookies, but we never ever ever got Nutter Butters. So, when, as a 35 year old adult, I drove myself across the country, fueled by Nutter Butters and diet Coke. I was jacked up and having heart palpitations.

  10. I like your big forehead pic. Migraines suck. And it also sucks to be on a relentless hunt for relief. Sometimes you just wanna do something or think about something that doesn’t have to do with pain. Like buying something from ModCloth. Now THAT is therapy.

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