So much to say, but none of it is important.

As you may or may not know, last week about 25 of us banded together and raised $500 for a woman who was having trouble giving her kids a nice Christmas. We raised that money in 24 hours, and I can’t remember the last time I felt quite so giggly and amazed. Thank you again so much. (I delivered the money in a card on Friday. I didn’t stick around to watch her open it, because I didn’t feel like it was necessary. BUT, I have a funny feeling that she was happy for the help.)

On Friday, I went to Pilates.


Pilates. Go.

(It’s a long story. We’ll save it for next week.)

A few days back, I had a great discussion with a friend of mine about Ego. As a result, I’ve been severely aware of my own inflated ego lately. With that said, I’m about to put my big horse blinders on and go whole hog ego/vanity on you. Do you remember back in May when I got my nose pierced? (Take a second. Click the link. Learn the history. (Or not.)) Anyway, I absolutely LOVED the nose ring for the first few months. THEN, we went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where everyone and their brother’s girlfriend’s waitress had their nose pierced. It made me feel old. (I’m 42, which sort of qualifies me as old. If not old, Ripened.) After that trip, I became hyper-aware of everyone else who had their nose pierced. A LOT of people have their noses pierced, and that doesn’t mean that I *shouldn’t*, but I’m starting to feel like I either need to amp it up or back down, and being that I tend to find myself in bed wearing a retainer at 10:00 each night, amping it up is not completely realistic.

I was at the grocery store yesterday, and the woman in front of me was very mean. She had her nose pierced. Earlier this evening, I found myself purchasing laundry baskets. The girl in front of me in line had her nose pierced. The woman at the register had her nose pierced. I have my nose pierced. We were the hat trick of snout studs, and it felt so silly. When I look in the mirror, it’s not the same as it was in May. (I dig Quirky. It no longer feels quirky.)

I asked a few people to vote. The only person who was a straight up “Keep It” was Jeff.


I took this photo four days ago as I sat in my driveway drinking tea and listening to Elvis Costello. I filtered the hell out of it so you can’t see that I’m 42.

Me, me, me, me, me. Ugh. Jeff is watching CNN right now, and I’m refusing to listen. Meredith, who is supposed to be Mary at the Christmas show at church tomorrow morning, threw up earlier this evening. And here I sit asking for your nose ring opinion. Ego.

Although I’ve been fast forwarding through Ben Folds a lot lately, this song shuffled this morning and I played it twice.

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28 thoughts on “So much to say, but none of it is important.”

  1. I say keep it.

    It’s like when you get a new red (or yellow or any other non white/silver/beige) car. Before that new car you didn’t see a ton of other red cars on the road. After the new car, every other one is a red car.

    Hope Meredith is feeling better. Being a sick kid at this time of year sucks.

  2. Don’t even tell me you would encourage me to go through with the nose piercing and then back out on yours!!! Don’t you DARE!

  3. I’d like to know what your friend thinks about ego and self-involvement versus insecurity. Do insecure people who ramble about themselves, seemingly “tooting their own horn,” fall into the same category as a person who actually has a big ego and inflated sense of self importance? Serious question.

  4. Do whatever you feel best doing. Your appearance shouldn’t be based on anyone’s opinion except yours (and sometimes your husband or kids). :-)

  5. You can text at pilates? That’s an exercise I might be good at haha.. And, I know we have had this conversation before, but im 48! 48 is not old! so 42 cannot be old! Keep the piercing. It suits you.

  6. To me, deeds speak louder than words and character screens from the rooftops. There are too many people who are trying to look cool, sexy, quirky, funky, dangerous, tough, and most of them are phonies. I think your act of kindness toward another person in need, your devotion to your husband, your love for your children, your goodness and honesty are your diamond tiara, my friend. You, my dear friend, are a beautiful and unique person for those reasons, not your accoutrements…that beauty never fades or goes out of style.

  7. I’m guessing that self-adornment isn’t so much ego as it is self-love and self-celebration, and that’s something we don’t always feel comfortable doing, so the ego gets involved and tries to make us feel foolish. But screw the ego. I’m smiling at your filtered pic and thinking it’s a great thing.

  8. Nearly every woman in India has a nose ring. That’s half a billion people! Doesn’t have to be unique to be beautiful… You look gorgeous. Keep it!

  9. Just thought I would mention, the other day Lynn and I were out and there was an old woman and I mean as old or older than me, now that’s old. She had a diamond stud in her nose. I almost fell over laughing. That being said, you are not old or even ripe yet. So kick it lady. Did this old man say that right?

  10. <–officially 49 now
    If YOU like it, keep it.

    Any reason to buy or wear a diamond is ok with me.

  11. We don’t any of us have any words right now that are important. I think, really, we are all just trying to figure out how to keep breathing.

    How about now is not a good time to make any decisions, and rest on it until the new year?

    And hang in there. We are all right with you.

  12. All I can say is that after seeing your photo, I am seriously considering getting my nose pierced. And I could drink legally before you were born.

  13. I’ll be frank with you. I generally don’t like nose piercings. But on you it really works! I think you should keep it. (But I understand where you’re coming from. I struggle with not wanting my weirdness to be just like everybody else’s weirdness and also about am I too old to flaunt my weirdnesses any more.)

  14. When I saw the gym picture, my first thought was, “I wish my gym had huge, random stickers on their mirrors like that. Then I wouldn’t have to compound my workout humiliation by seeing my own reflection. What a great idea!”


    Then I figured it out. The pipe seemed like an odd choice for a gym.

    Anyway, I’m not sure about nose rings, but I love a little silver eyebrow hoop. Unfortunately, my kids gave it a thumbs down, but oh, I’m craving a little Cyndi Lauper, some teased up bangs, pegged jeans, a purple scrunchy, a Liz Claiborne purse and a few swatches on my arm. I want the comfort of the late 80s and a long hug from my mom.

  15. To clarify: The pipe seemed like an odd choice for the gym to choose. It is a great/funny choice for the blog. Gahh… my brain is full of fog today.

  16. When I was 30 I had my bellybutton pierced. I wanted something pierced, but didn’t feel the need to flaunt it (especially since I’m super critical of my belly flab that I do nothing about, unless you count eating large amounts of chocolate). When I hit 40 and got spayed… I mean had my tubes tied, I had to take it out for the procedure, then never put it back in. It served its purpose.

  17. I totally get having something and then realizing the quirky thing you have/do isn’t all that outlying in it’s oddness. And that normalcy being offputting….. That being said, I’d amp it up with a hoop.

  18. I think it looks cute! Also, congrats, everyone, on the donation thing! What a wonderful thing to do!

  19. I’m a little late to the game on this post, but I just wanted to say POMPLAMOOSE!! Of course you listened to it twice. Ben Folds is great, but throw in Nick Hornby AND Pomplamoose… please tell me you’ve heard their other stuff. They rock!

  20. No idea. Sorry. My nose is so enormous, there is no way I’d do anything further to draw attention to it.

    I envy you, the tiny-nosed people. You can do what you wish.

  21. I know I’m late with my input, but I say keep it! Of course, that’s no surprise coming from me, since I have 26 piercings at age 42 (soon to be 43), and a ton of ink and continuing with it. I think you could rock a tiny hoop quite well, if you want to bump it up a notch.

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