And the sun is red like a pumpkin head, It’s shining so your nose won’t freeze.

The last time we spoke, Meredith was throwing up and I was going all floopy about my nose ring. So much of not very much at all has happened since then! On Monday, I kept Meredith home from school to keep with the “24 Hours Free of Fever” rule. We watched television, we bought craft supplies, and we ate Mexican food. On Tuesday morning at approximately 5:00, all hell broke loose, meaning I came down with the flu or the grippe or whatever the pacesetting kids are calling it these days. I spent all of Tuesday in bed, and got up on Wednesday only after Jeff challenged me to eat a veggie sandwich. I ate it, and I suffered. (Clarification: Jeff is not a jerk. No one around here forces anyone to eat anything, as evidenced by the fact that my seven year old eats NOTHING. (Figuratively. Please don’t call the authorities. (We don’t spank.)))

I felt better yesterday, so I made myself some weird nachos for dinner, and I suffered. (I know! Who would’ve thought?!)

I was back and forth this morning, so Jeff and I raised our Trial by Fire flag, and went out for our annual Last Day Before Christmas Break lunch (vegan burgers!), and I suffered. In fact, I suffered to the extent that although I made it to school in time to see Meredith and Harper play the piano at the holiday assembly this afternoon, I had to dash back home before the holiday parties started. No more vegan burgers or ridiculous nachos or mustard laced sandwiches for me until I’m able to jump around a bit without fear of internal combustion.

It's a good day for the flu. Next Tuesday would have really sucked.

(I love my hot water bottle the way some people out there love their guns. Perhaps I should start a campaign where people can actually trade their guns in for hot water bottles. I do believe the world would be a much more comfortable place if we all carried hot water bottles. (And White Ayurvedic Chai. And Tissues.))

I’m hoping to be back here before Christmas. If I’m not, I hope yours is the happiest. (Don’t tell the others. They’ll be so jealous.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

15 thoughts on “And the sun is red like a pumpkin head, It’s shining so your nose won’t freeze.”

  1. I feel your pain – we had that internal combustion (and expulsion) thing go through here. I’m the only one who didn’t suffer, which means that the other 5/6th of us did. I had forgotten about babies, and their lack of aim. Also, I bleached the carpet cleaner. Feel better!
    P.S. We’re coming your way tomorrow (or your general area, not specifically to you, no stalking here) How’s the weather/roads?

  2. I had it Wednesday! And Thursday. And just a little bit of not-projectile suffering today. I wish I had a hot water bottle. And a maid.

    And I wish you had a maid.

    Eat bananas! Drink Gatoraide! If you can. They give a decent nutritional bang for your combustable buck. As it were.

  3. My hot water bottle has a furry grey lamb cover, think it was from Avon. Seriously tacky, yet very cuddle friendly. It has helped our family through many a sick crisis. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. I had the grippe as well this past week. So far (fingers crossed) the rest of the family came out unscathed. I could only eat toast and bananas for a few days afterward so I feel your pain. Happy Holidays!

  5. Dearest, do not abuse your system so soon after a shock! What illness is this? I had norovirus one week and then a bad cold the next. Brothy beverages (vegan mushroom broth?) and toast is what you need. Lots and lots and lots of toast (my all time favorite sick food).

  6. Hi Sweetie–so sorry you’ve been feeling yucky. Hope it’s all gone so you can enjoy Christmas! We’ve had horrible wind storms here with blowing dirt and tumble weeds so we’ve been sneezing our heads off! But love West Texas anyway! Merry Christmas!

  7. Get well soon!!! My son just had a stomache flu and for the first time in perhaps nearly a decade, no one else got it! So here’s to Jeff and Harper’s continued good health, 2 out of 4 ain’t bad.

    Try something light and brothy. Maybe some miso soup?

    Random question: I’ve seen some adorable knitted hot water bottle covers, a potential future project?

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