We’ll take a cup of kindness yet!

Sometimes it’s easier to write every day than to skip a week and try to catch up. I feel ridiculous admitting this, but I’ve been sitting here for nearly ten minutes trying to figure out how to give you a rundown of the past week without either boring you to tears or drowning you in cheese.

Christmas was good. Very good. Every year we have five Christmas gatherings—one for my dad’s side of the family, one for my mom’s side, both sets of grandparents come over here on Christmas day, we go to Jeff’s parents’ house a few days later, and we finish up the run at my folks’ house when my sister and her family come to town.

Let’s see. Harper and Meredith are now sufficiently Furbified, Jeff has enough books to carry him to 2014, and I’ll be sitting over here in the corner trying to spin sock weight yarn with my fast flyer while steeping the Lavender Dreams tea that Harper gave me in the new cast iron teapot that I received from Meredith.

Short and Stout!

Speaking of spinning, I’m pleased to report that I finished spinning and plying another skein of yarn last week.

Chocolate Cherry

It’s my very first 3-ply, and I’m pretty proud of it. With that said, I was shooting for at least 300 yards of a 3-ply sock weight, but what I achieved is 196 yards of 3-ply DK. (This will bore 83% of you: I’m hoping that the fast flyer will enable me to spin finer yarn, because I’m starting to get tired of shooting for sock and hitting DK.) Anyway, this is Chocolate Cherry Merino-Sparkle Blend by Frabjous Fibers, and it was gifted to my mom, whose birthday is today.

Speaking of spinning once again, I have a shocking announcement! Do you remember a few weeks back when I went to a Pilates class? Get this: Two days ago, my sister drove up, and we attended a SPINNING class.

We're on a road to nowhere.

It was absolutely terrible and I hated it, but I’m going back next Tuesday for more. (I hated it because I had no idea what I was doing, and when the instructor yelled for us to stand up, I was taken by surprise, because Stand Up?! (Apparently, in order to stand up, one needs to adjust one’s tension so that one’s knees don’t buckle. I, for one, didn’t know this. Luckily, I eventually figured it out after realizing that I was the only person who was wobbling around. Something had to change. Tension. Yes.)) Anyway, it was 60 minutes of spinning which included 20 minutes of climbing with no warm up and no cool down and the instructor yelled, “YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!!!” and everyone in the class yelled, “YOU’RE THE BEST, KELLY!!!”

I think I was the only person in that room who didn’t love it, so I’m telling myself that I am WRONG, and that I need to try it at least once more before making a final decision. (There are very few things that I’ve refused to try more than once. In fact, if I had to make a list titled Things I’ve Refused to Try More Than Once, it would contain only the following items: Whiskey, Folding Sheets Too Soon After Reading a Paperback Book (It’s a texture thing. I can’t talk about it.), and Anti-depressants. Also, Unscented Deodorant. Vaginal Delivery.)

Two years ago, I found my eye doctor by calling a random number when my right eye started crying. A few months later, I saw him again after I freaked out at a stoplight. Last year I went back for my annual exam and left with a list of restaurant recommendations and a desire to permanently remove fish from my diet (which I have). This year he dilated my eyes and talked me into feeling enthusiastic about Pilates and spinning. Expect the unexpected, Heraclitus!

Bonus: I get to pick out new glasses after the first of the year. I’ve already been browsing at eco and Lookmatic, but would love to hear your recommendations, too! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. Now I feel that I should become a tea drinker, because that kettle is very cool, and you’ve also reminded me that I really need to get my eyes examined and prepare myself for becoming a glasses-wearing-person. Also, thank you for pointing out that I am old, because look at how young and fresh-faced David Byrne looks.

  2. So, I’m back to blather at you the great benefits of spinning! I am a complete addict, although not one to yell compliments at an instructor. A dignified “thank you” at the end of the class is perfectly enough. Anyway, I liken myself to a turtle (in my own shell, doing my own thing) with the energy of the music and people around me. I do love a good spin class. Hope your next one is fun! (And for the record, you inspired me to (reluctantly) get back into running (slow jogging for me) and although I do still pretty much hate it, can see and feel the benefits of it. So, thanks!)

  3. I am never bored with reading about spinning! I have 12 ounces of Merino Sparkle waiting for my spinning wheel to be freed from its layaway. SOON.

    (I do have several drop spindles which I’m pretty proficient with, but who am I kidding, it will take me 30 years to spin up all of my fiber stash on a spindle.)

  4. I love it when you talk yarn. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it’s like when I hear people talk astronomy. It’s just so COOL sounding and I totally wish I could talk either.

    OR BOTH. Imagine if I could talk Astronomy AND Yarn? I’d be a hit at all the parties.

  5. Been waiting for your post. I have never tried spinning. Not sure about it. Glad you are willing to try it again. Love the yarn! Happy to hear everyone had a good Holiday. We made it through ours and enjoyed an extended visit from my parents. So nice not to have to rush.

  6. Seeing as we wear about the same kind of eyeglass frames, I feel I may be able to offer you some advice in that area–I just got some new ones from Prodesign and I LOVE them. They were a little pricey, but so worth it considering they’ll be a regular part of my face for the next few years, am I right?


  7. Hi Angela,

    I work for Rivet & Sway, an eyewear boutique exclusively for women. I’d love to help you find the perfect pair of frames.

    Feel free to email me direct and I’ll take care of you!

    Happy new year!

  8. I had to post regarding your recap about spin class… That is exactly my experience of it; every time I go!
    Read through the comments and would like to second the recommendations to you for ProDesign and Rivet & Sway.

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