On Sunday I will balance a truck on my head.

Last week was spring break and this week is not.

I’ve been to the doctor three times in the past two weeks, and today I hit the jackpot where jackpot equals a bunch of blood taken out of my arm and put into some tubes and a prescription for steroids because it’s about time I FELT SOME RAGE!!!

(I felt so badly on Friday evening that I actually had The Talk with Jeff during which I told him that if I die, two of my possessions need to be thrown away. Once those two things (or maybe three) are tossed, all of my stuff is up for grabs.)

Back to spring break. We didn’t do a whole lot—lunch at the American Girl Bistro, a trip to see The Croods with friends (it was terribly funny), a trip to a cupcake shop near my parents’ house, a sleepover for Meredith, a garden planted by Harper, and coffee and knitting with Tempe who surprised me with the most beautiful shawl.

Sometimes your awesome friend knits a silk Icarus shawl for you, so you perch yourself in the nearest john and start shooting.

It’s silk and it’s lovely and it’s the perfect blend of orange and red and my bathroom is very green. It is. All of it. I’m lucky to have amazing friends and the ability to see colors the way they were intended to be seen in my world. (I won’t be the arrogant one who presumes your world looks like mine. Harmony. And a lingering Nyquil haze.)

Do you remember a few years back when I said something like, “I’m the PTO treasurer!” and then about a year ago I said, “I’m pleased to report that I’m no longer a PTO officer!” and then a few months later I was all, “So! Guess who’s the PTO treasurer again!”? Do you remember? Less than 48 hours ago, I became next year’s PTO secretary. It seems that this is how it works and I’m slowly working through the anxiety associated with sitting at a table in front of a bunch of people. (It’s so much easier when the realization is made that this bunch of people are mostly working toward the same goal. I’ve never felt the urge to jump up and throw a chair across the room during a PTO meeting. (Wait. Once. I felt that urge once.))

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and tonight I have a meeting and tomorrow my hair will be cut. Somewhere in there I’ll throw some time toward a freelance project and maybe do some laundry and a little birthday shopping for Harper’s friend.


Carry on. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

17 thoughts on “On Sunday I will balance a truck on my head.”

  1. what are the different responsibilties of the PTO treasurer and secretary? Is this a step down for you or are you climbing the ladder?

  2. The first time I saw that photo of the girls, I was so enamored of the expression on MC’s face that I didn’t even notice Harper was balancing a penguin on her head. Carry on, indeed!

    P.S. Get well soon!

  3. Golly. I only know you in cyberspace, but you don’t seem too rage-y in your natural state. I’m hoping they do what you need them to do, and nothing more (or less). It is not the same thing at all, of course, but steroids have saved our dog’s life – TWICE – so I am a strong believer in their healing power. Best wishes. Also, I really wish I had a friend who knit me a shawl. Although I do have a friend who knit me a sweater once, and it wasn’t until I learned to knit that I understood what an epic sweater it was!! I am eternally in her debt.

  4. I hope they diagnose you with something that requires large amounts of chocolate, reading a good book, and new shoes, perhaps a new handbag. Even if it’s something else, typically those things will make you feel better… that and some good pills.

  5. I have stories about recently being on steroids. Prednisone is evil, even after you aren’t taking it anymore. And I still feel icky (though at least I no longer feel like I’m on fire, so yay?).

    I’m sorry you’re feeling bad, too.

    I love love love the girl’s Easter picture. It is my favorite thing right now.

  6. I would so wear that shawl! What a great friend you have. And very nice that the owls on your phone case will match whatever nifty color combination you put together. Clever.

    As always, that’s a beautiful picture of girlhood you’ve presented there with your two adorable daughters in their Easter parade.

    Hope the steroids make you feel well again. I don’t foresee rage in your future.

  7. Is that this year’s Easter pic? Because, I love, love,
    love it! I, too, am coveting the shawl!

  8. That IS a beautiful shawl, made by the talented and lovely Miss Tempe. Also, that is a super cute phone cover! Welcome, fellow PTO secretary. It’s actually a way easier job than treasurer. I like it so much, I’m going to do it again next year!

  9. Steroids?! I hope they do what they’re meant to and don’t fill you with too much rage. My husband has to take them on and off and they make him grumpy and not nice to live with (when he’s on them that is. The rest of the time he’s ok to live with). Tell Jeff i commiserate with him!

    Also i love that pic of your girls. Do you think they would like to emigrate and marry my boys?

  10. My hair will be cut tomorrow too. It’s always better when your hair is cut. I’ve been known to tell stylists to take a little more off because I love them combing it so much.

  11. Your ‘didn’t do much’ sounds quite busy enough t me.
    That shawl is lovely and your girls are stars – beautiful picture.

  12. Your girls are amazing, which I know you know, but still. That picture makes me giggle every time I see it (which sounds very much like I’m stalking you but I only mean that I’ve seen it here and Instagram)

  13. Yesterday morning, less than 24 hours after the new haircut, the boy handing me my diet Coke at the McDonald’s drive-through said I looked pretty! (I’m choosing to ignore the fact that he tacked a “ma’am” on to his statement)

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