Friday is for Curried Lentils

I went to a meeting last night and they offered NUTTER BUTTERS as a snack (vegan!) which means I was definitely at the right meeting, and during the meeting we discussed some ways our school district can save money and I sometimes COUPON (as a verb!) which means I was definitely at the right meeting, and on the way home from the meeting two of us made a detour for fried pickles and the last time the two of us had fried pickles together I ended up getting my NOSE PIERCED (honestly!) which means I was definitely at the right meeting with the right friend. (I have no new holes this morning, but my friend IS having her nose manipulated in a few weeks, so tomayto tomahto!)

Why was Ryan Lochte given his own television show? It takes a LOT for me to feel like we’re failing as a nation. The Ryan Lochte show pokes a new potentially dangerous hole through my eclipse-viewing shoebox.

For lunch today, I’m cooking up some spicy Indian food (from a box, but still) for Roger Ebert. Celebrity death doesn’t typically affect me (exceptions: Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, that girl from Poltergeist, a few more), but I’ve spent the past day reading Ebert articles, and yes. Indian Food and Root Beer with two thumbs up.

The chocolate store next to my hair place is having a bunny sale, and I’m leaving here in an hour to attend.

I recently read a ridiculous article that told me that my website will fail if I don’t put a photo up for each entry (???) (!!!). I thought we were doing pretty well, but I’m one of those people who knows a little bit about a lot of things, yet I am an expert at nothing. (Don’t even say the words Social and Media around me, because I’ll immediately fall asleep!)

Um, this was the first photo I puked up onto Flickr. It’s Harper and it’s 2005 and SUCCESS!!!


(Edited to add: Oh, Dear God. The ads running in my side bar are completely annoying and flashy and one of them contains a cockroach and the other just started playing sound without my permission and damnit! I’m really thinking about returning to the old days where ads don’t exist.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Friday is for Curried Lentils”

  1. The lentils you sent me were delicious. I’m still camped out in the empty lot, waiting for them to build Trader Joe’s so I can buy some.

    That’s a very cute picture. SEO! ROI! Analytics! Mocial sedia!

    I’ve been thinking about returning to those ad-free days, too. The ads are currently bringing in about $20 a year for me. So far I’ve been too lackadaisical to do anything about it, though.

  2. Hah! the ads I’m seeing include cute shoes (good) and an offer to meet beauties from the Ukraine (um, not my type, sorry).

    Baby Harper… ah, the good old days. :)

  3. I’m to need you to build a time machine so I can squish that delicious baby face. Such a cute baby!

  4. Pictures are good, but people who write things other people want to read can do without using them for every post. You are one of those people. So don’t listen to stupid articles that are only for folks who have nothing to offer.

    It’s always nice to see pictures of your girls and you and whatever else you choose to share with us, but the pictures you paint with words are worth the trip, too.

    Ads that move are the bane of the Internet. They are horrible. Ads that start sound you didn’t ask for are worse. Even if they are selling something I want, I refuse to purchase from the people who place those ads because they are rude and obnoxious and clueless about how much we all hate them.

  5. Please don’t hate me if I say your family is elfin or fairy-like, including you. I don’t exactly know how to describe it. You are all very beautiful and winsome.

    I am very, very sad about Roger Ebert. I don’t even know how to think about it–it feels like such a personal loss but I didn’t know him very well even if he did write me some messages on Twitter and made some lovely comments to me about my writing. I just felt such a kinship with him as a person–I did even when I was a kid and used to watch At The Movies. He always loved the same movies I loved. He was such an amazing person in so many ways–an amazing writing, a mensch, an all around decent human being with such a good moral compass.

    But then I look around and see everyone feels this way about him. So that is good to see.

  6. Ryan Lochte grew up here and was in my daughter’s class until his family moved to Florida when he was 12. He’s not a particularly smart boy so I certainly wouldn’t expect much from his show.
    Side note…when he was in nursery school, his mother told me that she had him because her husband said she had to go back to work as soon as the girls started school. She then went on to have two more kids after that, all in about 5 year increments. I guess she really didn’t want to go back to work.

  7. Don’t you almost always have a picture? This one of Harper, is, in fact, and however, indeed, a success.

    And I have installed AdBlocker, so I get no ads ever! (my internet life is sweet!)

  8. If the money is good and traffic is good, cutting the ads is a bad idea.

    However, I will tell you that I’ve stopped reading dooce, fussy, finslippy, notmartha, and will shortly be giving up nothing but bonfires because there are so many ads and/or sponsored posts. I may as well watch television or Hulu. (I am blind to most YouTube ads or skip them.)

    Check out Keri Smith, a great author, artist and blogger who’s blog is ad-free:

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