Do you feel like being framed?

We left our windows open last night and the air was cold and amazing and I’m in a really great mood today because my favorite time of year is almost here. Crunchy leaves and handknit socks and comfy clogs and marching bands and spicy tea and cardigans and new glasses. (I tend to visit my eye doctor when the air is cool, and the visit is one of my favorite days of the year for two reasons: 1. I always learn something new., and 2. I leave with a prescription in hand for new glasses!)

Wait. Although this post is very much NOT officially sponsored, I’m about to talk to you about Rivet & Sway again. (Before I start singing, let me tell you that I RARELY do sponsored posts. A well-known oil company once asked me to write about traveling in a car vs. traveling on a plane/train/bus/etc., and I wrote a story about the time I took a Greyhound bus to Atlanta and ended up accepting unmarked motion sickness pills from a woman who claimed to be a nurse and then I mentioned that I had to throw away my headphones because a stranger demanded to borrow my Walkman for most of the trip and he was not clean, and anyway: the oil company told me to take out the stuff about the pills and the headphones and I refused and they took back their offer and I retained my dignity, Helen Reddy.)

Back to glasses. I love my glasses. I LOVE my glasses.

Faster Pussycat

You helped me choose them last year, and you definitely made the right choice. Because I was so excited about the Home Try-On kit and because so many of you ALSO seemed excited, Rivet & Sway offered a coupon code to help you save $25 off of your first order. And you used it. Last month, Rivet & Sway asked if I wanted to partner up. If I promote their glasses in any way I want, they’ll provide the coupon code again (ANGELASWAYS) and kick some of their earnings my way. I mentioned them on Facebook in August, and four people used the code. All of this to say: People want good looking frames, and people want to save money, and I’m here to help you.

If you visit Rivet & Sway, choose three frames to try on at home (The Home Try-On kit is totally free and you’re under no obligation to purchase anything!), and then order using ANGELASWAYS as your coupon code, you’ll save $25. If you checked out the frames last year but didn’t see any that caught your eye, please know that they’ve added more designs! Let’s get glasses together! Again!!!

I’m currently thinking about Layer Cake.

And Checkpoint.

And Punchline.

Please be sure to tell me which frames you choose and I’ll tell you just how cute you’re going to look! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Do you feel like being framed?”

  1. You seem to always look good in glasses. I have the same pair since I started blogging — nine years already. My fear is that I need thin progressive lenses and that cost me $700 nine years ago. And I have more important things to buy. Like food. And new iPhones. But maybe the price has gone down by now. I used to make fun of my father, who wore the same style frames for fifty years, and now I’m doing the same. And I don’t like it.

  2. Oh Em Gee. Layer Cake is beyond cute! I’m headed to the eye doc next week (I also enjoy my eye doc. He looks like a musclehead Ben Kingsley – no lie!) and may just take you up on this fine offer!

  3. Punchline in the Neapolitan!!! I know that may be a stretch for you, but I think you could seriously rock it. Or the Pink Frosting in Layer Cake.

  4. hmm I really like Layer cake or checkpoint. Punchline seems a bit thick.
    I may have to try some of these for myself!

  5. When I read the coupon code I thought is said ANGELAS WAY. Because you’re doing it your way. Then, oh! ANGELA SWAYS because Rivet & Sway, maybe. I don’t know. I don’t wear glasses. I sort of wish I did so I could try this because it looks like fun.

  6. Oh, how I love Layer Cake! I would like a new pair myself, if I could justify the expense. (Extreme nearsightedness makes for pricey lenses.) Happy belated blog anniversary! I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures for several years.

  7. I’ve been putting off getting glasses but my newly acquired allergies’ battle with my contact lenses have forced my hand. This post came at just the right time. I browsed the site and asked my very fashionable husband to choose three pairs for me to try. What did he pick? Punchline, Checkpoint, Layer Cake.

  8. Definitely Punchline. You will snicker to yourself (we call this “hooting behind your paw” at my animal-oriented house) every time you pick them up or lay them down or exercise your extreme peripheral vision.

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