Out with September!

It’s Migraine Week at Fluid Pudding, which means I’m taking pills and feeling a little hazy and preparing for the deluge! This is how it works. Three days before the headache REALLY hits, I feel electrical charges in my head. (I believe I’m speaking figuratively, although I’ve never held a light bulb to my ear when the charges are firing.) I started feeling the charges on Saturday evening. That’s when I started taking my customized cocktail pills!

Two days before the headache really hits, I start feeling nauseated. That’s when it’s time to bust out the Zofran! (I busted out the Zofran last night.)

One day prior to the slam, I get all sweaty and forgetful and tired and short-tempered. About an hour ago I drove to the post office to mail a letter to Meredith (I’ll explain later.), and about ten minutes ago I spent a disturbing amount of time searching for the very letter that I mailed an hour ago. (It wasn’t here. Because it’s at the post office. Because I mailed it. An hour ago.)

All of this to say: Business as Usual, although the timing sort of sucks because there’s a PTO meeting tomorrow evening and Meredith leaves for 5th Grade Camp on Wednesday. I’m boring you.

Here. This is better. I’m standing on the edge of a tiny tattoo. I had Georgia O’Keeffe’s hands tattooed onto my ankle when I was 23 and I could tell you why, but I’d almost rather not. (The things you stir up in your head are often much more interesting than my reality. Girl, you know it’s true.) Anyway, a few nights back I said something on Facebook about my current craving for a tiny ambigram tattoo on my arm and then the idea sort of blossomed a bit more and a wonderful woman/artist stepped up and said she would help me, and all of a sudden I have a jpg file and the possibility of a consultation with a tattoo artist sometime soon.

I’m 43.


(Harper got a tattoo when she was four. She’s such a badass.)

So. Fifth grade camp. Meredith will be heading out with all of her fifth grade classmates on Wednesday, and they’ll be building fires and shooting arrows (at nothing that’s alive) and looking at stars and singing songs and catching (and kissing and releasing) fish and basically having the time of their lives until Friday at approximately 2:45 when they return to the outstretched arms of their weepy mothers. Meredith is Very Excited.

One more thing. Starting tomorrow, a good friend of mine and I are kicking off a week long adventure of not eating any processed foods. I spent the morning at the grocery store buying butternut squash (pre-cubed because I am not strong) and (the largest possible) SweeTango apples and (clean and ready) mushrooms and (I have no adjectives for my) sweet potatoes and things that are made up of ingredients that I understand. It’s going to be tough, but not so tough. It’s going to be simple and healthy and clean and beautiful. (Have I mentioned that I’ve been taking pills for the past three days? Get over here and braid my hair.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “Out with September!”

  1. Don’t forget kale and lemon pepper and olive oil WHEEEEEEEEE!

    We’re having some tonight. I can’t wait.

  2. I hope the headache fog lifts soon. Camp sounds fun! My oldest gets to go to a day camp for fourth grade this year.Somebody ruined them getting to go to overnights anymore. I keep wanting to try the clean eating too. Just not in the mood lately to listen to everyone else in the family moan.

  3. This headache thing has GOT TO STOP. I’ve got one, too, but not a bad one – I blame the Republicans…….

  4. I had migraines that were thankfully (and I can not express how thankful I am about that) solved with acupuncture, but my mother was not so lucky. However, hers stopped with menopause. So that was the inspirational, see menopause isn’t all bad, look on the bright side, I hope there is also an end for yours too, good luck this week summary.

  5. Butternut squash is much easier to cut up if you microwave it for 3 minutes first. It softens just enough to peel and slice without needing Popeye to help.

  6. I get ‘really scary homicidal’ the day before a migraine. And tunnel vision. Which is horrible. The kids know and move away…

    (I had to google ‘ambigram’… sigh, will you still be my friend)

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