Organs are for more than music!

Today was a No School day for the girls, so we spent it doing what ALL kids wish they could do on a No School day: We went to meet my new gynecologist! Wahoo!!!

Good News: After spending the past two months wondering if I’m dying or going batty, I finally have a possible (completely tame) diagnosis. Adenomyosis! In other words, my uterus is sort of turning itself inside out (not really, but sort of, but not really) and because it’s all huge and swollen (enjoy your dinner!), it’s invading my bladder’s personal space.

Crazy Uterus

You don’t want to hear any more details, so let me fast forward through the No Pants stuff and just say this: I now have a prescription for birth control pills. (I had my tubes tied back in 2011, so I’m hoping that the two forms of birth control don’t cancel each other out. (I don’t have any more love to give right now.)) I also have a prescription for Vicodin, and the fact that I mentioned Vicodin means that I just brought in some traffic from junkies who are looking for Vicodin! Welcome! (Note to junkies: I will fill the prescription only if necessary. In other words, do not come to my house. There’s nothing to see here.)

Side Note: Another big welcome goes out to all of the curious parents from our elementary school who have noticed that my e-mail ends with a fluid pudding dot com. (That’s what I get for volunteering!) “What is fluid pudding dot com?” you may have asked yourself before coming over. And now you’re feeling a pinch of regret. (It smells like cloves.) I really need to get a professional e-mail address. Please don’t think less of my daughters. They’re good eggs.

After the doctor appointment, the girls and I traveled to Fizzy’s for a chocolate soda, a wedding cake soda, an orange dream soda, and burgers (dead cow for them, veggie for me). Two of the local radio stations are playing Christmas music and that jazzed us to no end and led us to purchase a pumpkin pie on the way home from lunch. It’s a good day to be a Pudding, for we’ve grown a little leaner, grown a little older, grown a little sadder (not really. don’t worry.), grown a little colder…

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7 thoughts on “Organs are for more than music!”

  1. Interesting! (Yes, really!!) I love learning new medical terminology, and that’s a new one all right; the illustration definitely helped!(Especially nice touch with the fez) Have you ever considered going into the illumination of medical textbooks professionally? I bet there’d be a real demand for your kinda style.

    Very glad to know that the diagnosis is (apparently) benign and (hopefully) fixable.

    Just please don’t tell us the Rx is for Yaz!

  2. I feel conflicted when I laugh at your posts. You’re so funny, and yet I have this cringe/sympathy feeling too. I’m glad you’re not dying. Really glad.

    And also wondering why Christmas music = pumpkin pie? My associations w/ pumpkin pie are all Pilgrim/Indian/Thanksgiving related. I will say that there is never a reason to pass up pumpkin pie, no matter how you get there.

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