Yards and Miles

So much has happened, and not much has happened.

The girls started school and are liking it as much as you can like being a new kid in a big place where everyone else seems to know one another. They’re doing fine and they’ll do fine.

I went to Chicago for a day with Tempe and my mom for our annual yarn/fiber celebration. While there, we ate salads and cheesecake and we knit in front of a fireplace. I believe it was just what we needed.


I came home with yarn to make three shawls and fiber to create something that may eventually become a pair of socks. (It all depends on if I can spin it thin enough to score the proper yardage. I’m not as good as I wish I was.)

Stitches 2014

I also purchased a Lo-Lo Bar, and I encourage you to do the same.

We closed on the new house two days ago and scheduled our movers to be here yesterday morning. They arrived on time, estimated our job to be a four hour move, loaded the piano and two boxes into the truck, and then told us that two of the three movers had plans before 3:00 and that the rain was going to slow them down and may result in stained carpeting in both houses. They then unpacked the piano and two boxes and left. They’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully. It felt like a big deal, but it’s really not a big deal. We’re still surfing.

As I drove home from the house last night, our car (known to us as Carlos) hit the 100,000 mile mark. I would show you the photo, but then you might yell at me for taking a photo while I was driving. (Please know that I set the camera up before starting the car and that I was in complete control. I don’t text while driving! Also, I turn on my headlights whenever it looks like rain.) Anyway, our beloved Rocket hit the 100,000 during the piano solo in Overblow Your Nest.

(The piano solo is at the 2:10 mark if you can’t stomach the entire song. By the way, if you can’t stomach the entire song, we need to evaluate our relationship. I can appreciate individual differences as well as the next guy, but: Come on.)

Anyway, knowing that I wanted Carlos to follow in the steps of Rocket (because I’m just a little bit weird like that), I hit the play button at 99,998. Before the piano solo ended, we saw 100,000. (Can you tell I don’t really have much to talk about? Look how many words I’ve wasted on Carlos and his mileage! Shakespeare’s plays contain only 884,421 total words. I really should be more careful.)

((We once lived upstairs from a guy who described the woman he loved by saying “None of her movements are wasted.” I will never forget that, mainly because I tend to not move very often (If you are my Fitbit friend, you KNOW this.), and when I do? Movements are definitely wasted.))

I won’t have an internet connection at the house for five days. I promise to use that time wisely. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “Yards and Miles”

  1. My car’s name is Pablo (Picass0). It’s a Nissan Cube, and I’m just snotty enough like people to know that I know a little bit about art. Just a little bit though.

  2. I have loved following your journey of house hunting & moving, it seems to have come together perfectly and I’m just so excited for you all.

    My father has a tan Jeep Wrangler that I named Lorelai (because it’s the same car she drove on Gilmore Girls) but all of the vehicles that are actually in my name have super lame names. My 1998 Cherokee is limping along nicely (she’s light blue, and so she’s “baby Blue.” See, lame) but I swear my next car will have a good name. My BFF drives a Hybrid Mariner named Tina Fey.

  3. I’ve only named one car in my life, and that was my first Prius. At the time, almost nobody else had one and I was seriously smug about getting one myself. I called her Emily for no reason other than it seemed to fit her. Having just retired, I drove so seldom she never got taken out much, so five years later I handed her over to the care of my son who commutes every day in Southern California. She passed the 100,000 mile mark quite awhile ago and he reports that she’s still going strong.

    I never loved my second Prius like that and just didn’t drive it enough to even keep it healthy and charged up. Besides, it just always felt like an old lady’s car. I never gave it a name.

    So now I drive a red Jeep Cherokee and I do dearly love my car. I haven’t named it, and don’t plan to. I justify moving from a Prius to a Jeep by pointing out that I don’t drive very much, and this one gets stellar mileage for it’s kind. Did I mention it’s red?

    Nobody cares about this but me. We all await your return with wonderful news about being settled into your new home and all the trials it took to make that happen. Happy moving in!

  4. You know what we’d say in a situation like that at my house?
    STAY ON TARGET. Yes we quote Star Wars.
    I am presently staying on target to regain the use of my left hand!
    (it feels like a big deal but it’s not a big deal)

  5. I thought of you on our drive to St. Louis last week. Just before we got to Norman,Oklahoma I saw a big sign for a yarn store on Main Street (I almost went looking for it just to take a picture.). My van also hit 100,000 miles while we were up in St. Louis. :)

  6. Have I ever told you that I emulate your usage of parenthetical asides?

    I hope the real move goes better than the rehearsal move.

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