Like an oscillating fan that is plugged in and working…

The girls have started at their new school and we move into the new house in nine days. Everything just keeps happening and happening.

Two survey guys came over this morning with sketch pads and chewing tobacco. According to the tiny pink flags in our yard, it looks like one of our neighbors has been cutting a patch of our grass as if it’s his own. Because I fully suspect that his wife will talk him into charging us for this unsolicited trim, I’ve decided to beat him to the punch by suing him for trespassing.

I’ll be leaving super early on Saturday morning (like, 4:30 in the morning early!) for the eighth annual yarn trip with Tempe and my mom. (I’ve discussed a few of our trips here and here and here.) Sadly, the electrician who will be visiting our house in a few weeks doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who would trade services for a cabled hat. Therefore, my yarn budget this year is a lot different than my yarn budget in past years. With that said, I fully intend to purchase the yarn required to make one of these, because if you have the opportunity to create something beautiful, you should jump on it.

Here is the best news of all: Ramona is definitely on the mend, and this morning she climbed into her basket for the first time in three weeks. (It was three weeks ago today that Sid died.) Anyway, we’re quite pleased and we definitely appreciate the positive thoughts that have been tossed our way. (I tend to like our animals more than I like most people, so when a four-legged is down we’re ALL down.)


Remind me to tell you about the anxiety attack I had during Meet the Teacher night at Harper’s school. (Imagine yourself roaming unfamiliar halls that are filled with hundreds of people who look exactly the same and are all chirping like birds. (That is exactly what happened. I suppose you don’t really need to remind me of anything at all.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “Like an oscillating fan that is plugged in and working…”

  1. I am so happy that Ramona is on the mend! I like animals more than most people, too, so it’s extra sad when they aren’t well (especially since they can’t tell you what’s wrong like people do).

    Have fun on the yarn trip and with the move. Eeek! :) (I was secretly hoping that you would move this direction and find yourself occasionally at my knit night, but I’m sure the new place is just perfect even if it isn’t nearby.)

  2. Lots of info here! I’m excited for you to start a new adventure at the new place; I’m happy you are still nurturing your creative side and like that quite about creating something beautiful; I’m thrilled to hear Ramona is doing well (our own cat has kidney issues and will eventually cause heartache here); and I’m sympathetic about your panic attack because things at the new job were giving me them regularly and I’m sorry to say I recently started Klonopin to help with that.
    I should add that I’m aware I misused semicolons in the previous paragraph, and that I just shared some personal information with a virtual stranger. Sometimes it’s safer that way.
    Onward, Ms Downing, and upward! Thanks for the update. Ramona has been on my mind.

  3. Yay Ramona! Yay yarn! Yay new house!

    I’ve been particularly anxious lately about Life In General, so a building filled with chirping clones would push me over the edge in about 5 minutes. Sounds like things are OK overall there though. :)

  4. Lovely good news. Even the panic attack — because that way we know it’s really you and not some ghost-blogger checking in. Tell us about when you want to.

    We’re all so happy about Ramona. I knew she wouldn’t want the Pudding family moving to a new place without her there to be the Grand Dame of the manor. It’s good that you have some happy things to balance out the more stressful ones.

    I’m hoping you’ll be back to knitting all kinds of wonderful things this winter, and that electrician will probably WISH he had one of your fabulous creations when the cold weather comes.

    Thanks for checking in with all of us strangers in the middle of your hectic times.

  5. That shawl is truly gorgeous — I think you will be creating an heirloom with that one.

    Really really happy to hear that your sweet Ramona is on the mend. Happy kids, happy cat, and a mom who has her act together to go gallivanting so close to a move? Sounds like things are pretty darn harmonious in Puddingville!

  6. We just had meet the teacher and it certainly wasn’t the same without you and your family. I hope the girls are enjoying their new schools – I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  7. Lovely choice of knitting project. Have fun on the yarn trip – even squishing new yarn for a few seconds and leaving it on the shelf can be good.

    And so happy to see Ramona back on form. Maybe her illness was brought on by grief. In my parents large menagerie you can always sense the sadness when someone has been lost.

    Best wishes on the move. We moved a year ago. It was exhausting (we have miles too much stuff) but dear Lord I so love our new apartment. I’m sure your new place will be just as great.

  8. I should finish that scarf I started last Fall. So glad Ramona is doing well. Moving is stressful enough without the added stress of sick family (pets are family).

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