The Need to Knows for NaBloPoMo, Day One

Harper and I are currently reading Mockingjay together (although she’s currently around 30 pages ahead of me) to prepare for the movie release. I really need to pick up the pace, because I grabbed both Not That Kind of Girl and One Day from the library this afternoon. (Living so close to the library has been one of my favorite things about moving.)

Eighteen years ago this evening found Jeff and I on our first date. We ate Thai food and then went to the art museum to catch the St. Louis Film Festival’s showing of Shine. Afterwards, we drank coffee and I decided that this was the guy with whom I was supposed to hang out until death us do part. (The night before our first date found us at a Halloween happy hour with many co-workers, including the daughter of Susan B. Komen. (Don’t get me started.) Anyway, I eventually journeyed to the restroom where I apparently took too long to tuck my big bulky sweater into my jeans, because when I returned to the table, I found that everyone had left—except for Jeff. The two of us then drove 20 miles south to eat toast at a diner, but it didn’t count as a date because Thai + Art Museum > Beer + Toast.)

Tempe and I are knitting Leftie by Martina Behm. It’s an easy and fun knit, and mine is looking like this:


My dad’s tomato plants froze up last night which means it’s the time of year when I transform into Fitful Knitter.

(If you’re knitting something, let me know what it is. There’s a good chance that I’ll make one, too.)

I hope your Halloween was a good one and that your Saturday has been even better. I’ll see you tomorrow. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “The Need to Knows for NaBloPoMo, Day One”

  1. So pretty. I am working on a Foolproof Scarf by Louise Zass-Bangham. Found it on ravelry. A cowl with no casting on and no binding off. If I knew how to link it I would!!

  2. Uh oh — tough going for your faithful commenter on this one…haven’t read those books, don’t knit. LOVE Thai food though — and “How we Met’ stories are dear to my heart. Yours is a good one. Knew right away, eh? Excellent instincts :-)

  3. finishing up Berenice AND knitting washcloths in Bee Stitch like the Harlot did ( I’m gifting a few of them along with one of these (which I see as a soap dish as well) and some fancy soap to one of her teachers (unless that’s weird, which it might be, but I think *I* would like the gift (but I’m weird)

  4. In a fit wild madness, I bought the pattern for Fox Paws (see it on Rav) and ordered yarn for it. The odds that I will make it successfully, i.e., finish it with no errors visible from a galloping horse, are somewhere between zero and zero. But I shall try.

  5. I started a new scarf for Michael months ago. It’s been sitting on my dresser waiting to finished for a really long time. I’ve lost my knitting mojo, but the scarf you’re working on it so pretty

  6. I’m working on a Sweet as Pi curved scarf (so it won’t fall off your neck and get lost!) that my friend, Sara, created the pattern for. I think she has it up for free on Ravelry. I’m not in the home stretch but after some pretty big mistakes I’m in the solid understanding and the end feels possible stretch.

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