The this and the that…

Tuesday was Harper’s birthday and Wednesday was Meredith’s birthday and I’m not sure what happened Thursday, but Friday found both girls surrounded by their friends from the new school at our birthday grill party. (12 kids running around the back yard and screaming and making s’mores and I’m so glad the girls are doing well at the new school.)

On Friday evening, I was invited to a party that I couldn’t attend because we were HAVING a party. Suddenly, I don’t even know myself. Clearly, I need more fancy skirts.

On Saturday, we had a birthday lunch with my parents and that led into a couple of the girls’ old school friends spending the night.

On Sunday morning Jeff took the friends home and we headed to the Cardinals game because Harper was singing God Bless America with her school choir before the game. She even made it onto the Jumbotron. (Do I need to hide her friends? They were on the JUMBOTRON, so 14,000 people might have this same photo and I don’t see THEM placing strategic stars!) Anyway, the Cardinals finally won during the 14th inning, and we watched that win from our family room, because we left the stadium at the bottom of the 9th.


While we’re hanging out and talking about Sunday, check out the sunburn I’m sporting as a result of thinking I’m too good for sufficient sunscreen.


Not smart.

What else? I finished a shawl.


(It’s Rock Island by Jared Flood and I’m getting ready to make another. You should make one, too.)

I started an herb garden.


And, yeah. It looks cute, but it didn’t take long for one of my smart gardening friends to gently tell me that it probably won’t live long because roots don’t like to see the light. Damnit, Pinterest! (The next herbs I buy will be planted in a garden bed because Cute is not Important.)

I started another Honey Cowl, and this will probably be my final car knitting project because school is out in just a few weeks!


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my Cinco de Mayo Hysterectomy, and I have never loved a surgery as much as I loved that one. (Well, except for the two that resulted in babies coming out of me. Those were good ones, too. Appendectomy? Not good. Wisdom Teeth? The suckiest! Tubal ligation? Fun, but only in an Eating Funnel Cake Outside During a Wind Storm sort of way.)

Finally, I’ll be turning 45 (45!!! Please know that I wish numbers could be capitalized because FORTY FIVE!!!) in a week and a day, so I think it’s time to start thinking about health and happiness, as I am not very healthy and it makes me very unhappy. First step: I just bought a bag of avocados. Also, I’m thinking of working up my résumé because if I was living off of my freelance gigs, I probably would have died a few weeks ago. (Wilbur Wright died at age 45. I learned that yesterday.)

Stay tuned. (Or don’t. You’re in control.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “The this and the that…”

  1. The shawl! So pretty!!

    Could you maybe just secure a lovely piece of fabric around that mason jar to shield the roots? Seems to me that roots get exposed during some types of hydroponic gardening and plants seem to do OK. I’m definitely not experienced in that area though, so…grain of salt & all that.

  2. CBS Sunday Morning provides me with a wealth of information. We should all have churros to celebrate the anniversary of your hysterectomy.

  3. Beautiful shawl !!
    And I was also going to suggest you wrap something pretty round the jar to keep the light out.

  4. Shawl, good. Sunburn, bad. Herbs, cute, but you do need to shield the roots (if you plant herbs in the garden, though, most of them are invasive, so you might want to plant them in flower pots).

    It’s extra good that both girls are doing so well in their new school, and just icing on the cake that you are a party animal.

  5. Way to go for the birthday parties!!

    I never leave the Cardinals games until the bitter end, but in your case, I’m glad you left. That is one hell of a sunburn, take good care of it. That has to hurt.

    I will post a pic of my herb garden tomorrow. It is totally different that my usual and it IS cute
    !! I agree with Grammy about invasive herbs.

    I’m trying not to think or talk about my birthday in 4 days, and Mother’s Day 2 days after. Ugh.

  6. Lavender oil for the sunburn maybe? It helps with other burns, but I don’t know about sunburns. (I hardly ever burn, thanks to my Cherokee grandma.) I remember smearing Noxema on a sunburn when I was young, but I really only remember it because of the smell, not because it helped, or didn’t. I’m less than helpful. LOL.

    Maybe paint the outside of your herb jars with chalk paint? Cute, opaque, cheap. Trying to be more helpful here. ;)

    Glad M and H had great birthdays; our Meredith’s pottery-painting-and-sleepover party was a success, too!

  7. I’m just now catching up on blog reading, so your life over the past five or six posts is fresh in my mind. That being said, we’re approaching our 1-year anniversary of moving into our house with the sprawling back yard. The previous occupant was a gardener, so we spent the Spring being constantly amazed at what kept popping up out of the ground adding just the right kind of color everywhere. It’s pretty amazing. Having finished the basement, I believe gardening (and herbs) are my next A-type personality, obsessive-compulsive endeavor.

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