Knitting and Spinning with a Brief Mention of Food and Shoes

Now that we’re getting ready to shake hands with the hottest part of the year, it’s time to start thinking about heavy cardigan sweaters.

I have this yarn.


I’m thinking of using it to make either this or this. (I’m leaning toward the Iba.)

(The quality of the yarn is slightly compromised because I was using it for a cardigan back in 2011 and when I sat it down to answer the phone, Henry destroyed my progress. Thank God he now has an eggplant.)


Jeff was in Boston for the first part of the week, so instead of eating everything in the house (my normal response to his car being at the airport), I spun.


Above is a merino/silk/bamboo blend called Salt Marsh by Lisa Souza. It has been on my wheel forever, which is an exaggeration. Below is merino (Belly Beans by Lisa Souza), and it was on my wheel for less than 24 hours because I was all stressed out and emotional so spin, Spin, SPIN! It’s currently hanging to dry in our office, and it’s possibly the happiest yarn I’ve made.


I started a Tiller Scarf in May, and the goal is to add one skein of yarn each month until it’s finished. (It takes five skeins of Cascade 220. The photo below was taken after one skein was used up.) Imagine how warm this thing is going to be once it finally starts snowing again. I wish I lived in Wyoming. I wish I was Lenny Kravitz.


What else? Adventures with the Health Coach are going very well. As I mentioned before, I’m currently eating low carb/high fat/high protein, and although the pounds aren’t dropping quickly, they ARE dropping. PLUS, this morning I saw a glimpse of myself getting into the shower and it seems that I may be changing shape a little. Maybe. I’m eating a lot of avocados. And eggs. And fermented sauerkraut. No sugar (except for in my powdered chemical coffee). No processed foods. (Confession: I *did* have a blueberry doughnut last weekend, but one doughnut in three weeks is a world record for the world in which I’m the only person, so I’ve forgiven myself and will probably have another doughnut in a few weeks because life is short, so why in the hell wouldn’t I have a doughnut in a few weeks? I would much rather worry and stress about finding strategies that will enable me to remain patient until September 8th. (Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day.)) Eating healthy feels good. I love baked sweet potatoes almost as much as I love painless dental appointments.

Let’s see.

This morning my mom met us at the mall, and she let the girls pick out a pair of shoes for the summer. Meredith went with these, and Harper went with these, and I’m going to spend the afternoon watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

I’ve once again become very bad at responding to comments and e-mails, and I apologize. Also, the person who had our telephone number before us is named Ellenbach. You have no idea how often I walk around the house chanting “I ain’t no Ellenbach girl…” (It’s often. Now you know.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Knitting and Spinning with a Brief Mention of Food and Shoes”

  1. It’s weird how happy I am that you had a donut. And that you’re planning to have another. And that you spell donut the right way and not the way I spell it.

  2. I vote for Iba. Love the yarns and the shoes and the scarf and wish I could do that. I had a chocolate frosted donut today with banana cream filling…oh my! I cannot tell you the last time I had a donut. As for responding to comments…pfft! Absolutely not necessary.

  3. The Lenny Kravitz giant scarf made me LOL. I want the same shoes as Harper. I’m also eating a lot avocado these days since I can’t seem to tolerate dairy and avocado toast with lots of salt and pepper is my jam.

  4. Hi!
    So, the million dollar question: how do you deal with the ‘threat’ of all of the ‘toxins’ in avos?! Eating ‘organic’ helps, I know, but I have still heard avos are bad news?! T or F

  5. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is my most favorite thing ever. I rewatch them often. And I don’t drink coffee, but those shots of coffee between scenes makes me want to spend all my days in a coffee shop watching it rain.

  6. I’m knitting a winter scarf now, while it’s hot outside, and plan to spend a lot of evenings making socks while the California sun blazes. And now I’ve got to work in one of those beautiful sweaters. Thanks a lot.

    I would so love to do the Lenny Kravitz thing but I’m pretty short and small and old, and I would end up looking like some forlorn little creature in any one of the currently popular blockbuster movies — something that scurries silently around in the dark. Lenny, on the other hand, looks so-o-o-o-o good.

    I have those Cosmic Galaxy shoes! Don’t tell Meredith, because she doesn’t want some shoes that a grandmother has, but they are my favorite anyway and it kind of explains why I feel such an affinity to your eldest daughter. Good on her.

    The weight isn’t supposed to come off rapidly. Good to hear that you and your health coach are doing it right. Meaning healthy.

    Carry on.

  7. I LOVE Meredith’s new shoes…so watch out, it may mean that she ends up all pierced and tattooed in her life; although I think you would handle that splendidly as a mom. Your blog makes me smile. :)

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