Goldilocks won’t be disappointed.

I haven’t had time to read the specifics, but I’m pretty sure I’m all set up to start making my own marijuana. (Or beans.) Quickly.

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7 thoughts on “Goldilocks won’t be disappointed.”

  1. One of my closest friends recently got one of these, and she has been raving about it to me. I want one, too, and I’m getting closer and closer to actually just getting one.

  2. When I think of pressure cookers, I think of my moms giant metal canning one. That thing scared the bajesus out me. That Instant Pot looks less scary.

  3. Yeah! I bought us one of these a few months ago and we have been cooking the ^*(&^^ out of rice and beans NONSTOP! You are going to wonder how you functioned without this sucker. (I was very scared that the whole thing was going to blow a hole through the kitchen ceiling, but so far, so good! It’s fun to click off the safety and hear the pressure escaping. Some corollary with real life….?) Have fun!

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