Mondays aren’t so bad.

A week or so ago we noticed a pregnant bird building a room onto the side of our house. (She had a permit, so we were cool about it.)


This morning I saw the new mom standing on the side of the nest and feeding her babies. In three more days, I plan on skewering those babies and cooking them in my new baby bird cooker.


(You know I’m kidding. At least you hope I am. (I am.))

A few weeks back I turned 46 and my daughters gifted me with the Property Brothers Bro Gnomes.


I finished some yarn.


Sometimes when I don’t have a lot to say, I just throw a bunch of photos up and hope you don’t notice. But, wait! I *did* have coffee with a new friend last week, and sitting and talking to her was like reaching into the back of the pantry and finding a can of green beans when you thought you were OUT of green beans, and those beans are cut the way you like them! (Does anyone else get excited about finding kitchen cut green beans in the back of the pantry? I LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE.)

Finally, on the last day of school, Meredith and her friend performed in the talent show. They played “Trees” by Twenty One Pilots, and it went a little something like this:

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15 thoughts on “Mondays aren’t so bad.”

  1. Great job! It took me a moment to realize their shirts matched. Then I realized they were right on point too!

  2. I’ve been waiting for the performance video! Good job! I liked the switches. Practice most definitely showed.

  3. That is very cool. If T0P FB site lets you, you should totally post that video to their site.

  4. That was awesome!! My 12 yr old heard me listening and had to come over and see. She said ‘Wow!” Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness- where can I find one of those bird candle holders?!


  6. Nice about the bird, the trolls, the yarn, the candlehouse, and that’s a fantastic performance by the girls! My six-year-old grandson heard it and came over to watch. He just sang a One Direction song in his school’s talent show a couple weeks ago, and now I’m thinking everyone should be prepared for him to ask for a xylophone for next year.

    Can of green beans in the back of the pantry. Yes! It’s strange to take such cheer from a discovery like that, I guess, but most of us do.

  7. *like*like*like*
    No like buttons to push but geez..
    Nice job Meredith and friend!

  8. I love that they wore matching 21 Pilots t-shirts. And not a bad note in the entire thing (I am amazed, having been a mediocre musician myself.)

    Skewering the baby birds made me start to smile, and cooking them in the baby bird cooker made me LOL.

  9. Dr. Pharm is a big birder. BIG birder. He hangs out with like-minded people. One day in Ecuador (again, big birder), he and a friend were hiking down a mountain after seeing a certain bird.
    The folks hiking up to see the bird asked how it was.
    The friend answered “Delicious”. No one laughed.

    Bird people don’t wear white and they never kid. ;)

  10. That was amazing. As a former marching band drummer and jack of all things percussion, it did my heart good to see a mirimba/xylophone being used properly.

  11. I want to post that performance.
    I want that performance on my phone so I can listen to it on the way to work.
    I feel, about that performance, the way I do when I watch the bird boys do something amazing.
    I’m proud of her as though she is mine.

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