Be obscure clearly.

It has been nearly three weeks since I’ve seen you and a complete rundown would take forever and wouldn’t be worth any of your time.

Highlights of the past several days include:
1. Graham the cat started a three month food trial. Sadly, Chip is the only cat who likes the new (super expensive) food. When someone in your house is going through a food trial, the overall stress level increases by 2.73%.

2. I had a dentist appointment. No cavities. I ate a bunch of broccoli afterwards.

3. Jeff had a colonoscopy. No cavities. Wait. Nevermind.

4. I was called The Great Internalizer by my doctor. As a result, she prescribed physical therapy and massage therapy for my left shoulder. I had a deep tissue massage yesterday and today I feel like Muhammad Ali—the 1971 version after the Joe Frasier fight. I’ve been walking around the house all afternoon wincing and punching things that aren’t really there and whispering clever rhymes and being what I want. (I’ve learned more about Muhammad Ali in the past week than I’ve ever known about him, and I’m so glad I’ve paid attention because he did so much more than butterfly floating.)

5. I continued to grow out my hair, and parts of it are now measuring in at four inches which is almost long enough for braids and exactly long enough for this—a style combination of Yoga Head and My Shoulder Hurts Too Much to Care Head:

Photo on 6-9-16 at 3.21 PM

We’re leaving soon to take Meredith to a three week camp, and it sort of tastes like packing her for college which is exactly what it IS because the camp takes place on a university campus. She’ll be taking a college level business course and hanging out with other kids who are taking college level courses and I wish I was going to camp. (Please be aware of the fact that Meredith has twenty three t-shirts that advertise her love for My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, and Twenty One Pilots. Because of this, she will not have to do laundry at camp.)

Harvey Danger. Live. And it all begins with a French horn, which is pretty much how all good things begin.

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  1. Did you listen to Camper Van Beethoven in college by any chance? That video took me straight back to a sweltering dorm room and a stack of red, solo cups placed next to a beanbag chair and box fan. I miss 1990 tonight.

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