No, Cory Booker. *I* am Spartacus!

Wear your Nikes or don’t wear your Nikes and set them ON FIRE (or donate them to the homeless) or go buy more pairs.

Be OUTRAGED by the NYT Op-Ed or be giddy about it or maybe familiarize yourself with the 25th Amendment.


(My Petra sweater is coming along nicely.)

I haven’t worn Nikes since the whole Michael Vick thing went down in 2011. (Actually, I haven’t worn Nikes since something like 1987, but I’ll take every opportunity I can to sound like an activist. Let’s just say I INTENTIONALLY haven’t worn Nikes since the whole Michael Vick thing went down.) Two days ago I wore a pair of Meredith’s Nikes to the grocery store. Nobody noticed because NOBODY CARED. It’s so easy to sit behind a computer and type really loudly on Facebook, but when you leave your house to go to the store? Wear whatever the hell you want, but keep your cart moving and be polite if you need to squeeze by someone in the baking aisle. SO many chocolate cake mixes. It’s never easy.

I read the op-ed last night and this morning I read up on the 25th Amendment and I HAVE OPINIONS but what matters is that I loaded my cart down at Trader Joe’s about an hour ago, and I wasn’t a dick to the guy behind me who had only two items in his hands. I let him go in front of me EVEN THOUGH HE WAS BUYING CRAP SUSHI AND KOMBUCHA. Also, he was NOT wearing Nikes and I have no idea who he voted for in 2016. He had a canvas wallet, if that means anything, and it probably doesn’t, because I have a canvas wallet, too. (And lots of commas.) People are people, Depeche Mode.


(The park near our house is coming along nicely.)

Last Friday I volunteered for the 1-5am shift at the marching band lock-in, and I think I was MADE for volunteering for the 1-5am shift at the marching band lock-in. Kids dancing and kids singing and kids sleeping and suddenly I was flipping pancakes and driving tired kids home and then the sun came up and I took a nap and then I ate salted caramels from Kakao.

Finally, my mom and I had breakfast last week and she took this photo of me using her magic phone camera and I love it because it makes my neck look young.


(My sentiments are coming along nicely.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>