9 thoughts on “What can we do?”

  1. Angela!!!!!! You just gave me a possibly genius-level idea. You know how we’ve only met in person, once and talked then for, what, maybe 90 minutes? And you know how my real-life walking partners here have all either moved, or become injured, or…??? (Well, OK, you didn’t know that, but they have and I’m sad about it) Do you think we could, even just once to see if it works, set up some sort of pre-arranged time to walk-talk — you in your neighborhood and me in mine? Or in the mall if it’s inclement, or even just around the house??? I won’t be able to make this actually happen until after Christmas, but…do you think we could do it????? Do you mind talking on the phone, or is it ickky for you? (I have a friend who detests it) I would promise not to hug you unexpectedly!!!

    Please say… “maybe”.


  2. Oh Angela I’ve seen the pictures you’ve posted of yourself over the past year and you look great; I hope you feel as good and healthy, too.

    I’m in the same boat exactly and when I told my mom about it she said maybe it’s ok not to care too much – our bodies are changing just like they were when we were 13 (I’m 48) and it’s all perfectly natural, as they say.

    If only we were prepped more about what to expect as we go through this “change of life” phase. Personally, I’d love an “Are You There God…” for the peri-menopausal :)

  3. Me too. I’m trying to care but the weight thing after 50 is an almost impossible battle. Not sure what I’m going to do. I think you look great.

  4. I was steadily gaining weight until last year. My doctor said “well..we are at that age.” I wanted to slap her across the face. I made some minor changes and that weight (most of it) has come off. I vote for yoga.

  5. This is my daily struggle also. I worked with a nutritionist for 2 years. She finally said to me… we cannot adjust your calories any more. Her only remaining suggestion was to do a focused 20-30 min walk every day. I have been trying to implement that into my schedule for a year. What upsets me the most is that every season nothing fits from the last time I wore that season. I don’t like buying work wardrobes every season every year! I’m on a mission to find more elastic pants that I can wear long shirts over and still feel like I look professional :-/

  6. You’re fine. Don’t sweat it.

    I’m over people not caring politically – I did early voting Friday for the runoff election tomorrow. Because I DO care.

    Not so much about what I look like. I’m in the Not Caring category there.

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