Cardigans are no substitute for eyelids.

When the back yard is flooding and the dogs are snoring and I’m just sort of “Blergh January Pbbbft”, the best way to proceed is to join Weight Watchers (again, damnit, just live and let live, my truth is different from your truth, et cetera), drink some hot tea (with rock sugar and honey), and start knitting a cardigan.


I didn’t do a gauge swatch. I have no idea if this thing is going to be way too big or way too small. All I know is she will eventually look something like this and I have extremely high hopes for her. I’m going to take her out for coffee, and then I’ll take her to vote, and maybe we’ll see some movies or write some stories or something.

This is gross, but eczema is eating up my eyelids. In fact, in about three or four days I suspect I will maybe no longer have eyelids. I’ll then walk around town in an unchallenged and never-ending staring match—armed with a spray bottle of water to prevent my exposed eyeballs from turning into raisins. If you see me, just pretend nothing weird is going on. Deep down we both know that neither of us wants to talk about it.

I’ll keep you updated on the cardigan, because that’s what one tends to do when one is falling in love. The only difference is that my love interest is a rusty Throwback sweater and not some scuzz who has a defenseless eyeball fetish.

11 thoughts on “Cardigans are no substitute for eyelids.”

  1. I LOVE the sweater!!! And I love the WW program. It’s the best iteration it’s ever been. It doesn’t fill my days with angst.

  2. So random, but I have also had the eyelid eczema recently. Unfortunately, mine was due to wheat consumption (boo), but I found the cetaphil eczema lotion helped a lot.

      1. I had eyelid eczema a long time ago and it was caused by pink pigment in eye shadow. No more eye shadow for me.

    1. Not sure I could pull off the cardigan today. Thirty years ago I would have rocked it, no problem. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Oh, dear, Angela!
    You have got to listen to the Lumineers sing your name! Every single time I think of you, I can hear it! It is from their Cleopatra CD/album/record if you are old! ha! With Neyla…btw
    Carol loved her red birdies and they shall hang ‘all year long’ : thank you so much! You win! :)
    Eczema is awful…& all we can assume is, it is the immune system freaking out! So, you owe it to yourself to get over to that awesome library you live by and check out *anything* by Sloane Crosley…David Sedaris recommends “Look Alive Out There” OMG, it is great…short stories of a variety of happenings from a NYCite…kind of in the ‘vein’ or ‘vain’ of ‘Finslippy!’ You know! And, then there is the ‘I Was Told There’d Be Cake!’ yup! So great!!!
    You heard the quote, right?! ‘January’ is just like Monday, except ‘looooonnnnggggeeeerrrr!’

    Have a great week! I am secretly waiting for you to write a children’s book with your *fun* and unique illustrations! Also, don’t do WW, you owe it to yourself to check out the ‘Croissant Diet’… He is a French *trained* baker and has managed to *slay* the weightloss demons!

    P.S. Frye boots made the lead vocalist, Wesley Schultz, his very own pair of boots! I got to see them in Denver at Fiddler’s Green! You would’ve loved it! :)

    Have a great week! If you don’t know about Organic Girl greens you need to go to and enter their contest to win greens & leggings or socks! :)

    Thanks for being YOU! in a world of copycats!

    :P CARLA

  4. Your yarn is SO incredibly gorgeous, I am drooling. Is it what is recommended in the pattern?

    1. The yarn is Three Irish Girls’ Springvale Worsted in Spiced Cider, George Bailey, Desert Turquoise, and Mister Snow. So, not what is called for in the pattern, but the colors are very close. (I love everything about Three Irish Girls yarn. It’s my favorite.)

  5. I think your colors in that cardigan are w-a-y better than any of the 1,500+ others on Rav. I use cortisone cream — just a touch — on my eczema-tainted eyelids. But not hydrocortisone b/c I am allergic to that.

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