Choking and Knitting. Monday!

I received the Slingshot 2020 Organizer for Christmas, and this morning it told me that today is the 18th anniversary of George W. Bush choking on a pretzel while watching football. I may not have voted for him, I may not have supported everything he did as president, but you know what? There are only four (or maybe five) people who I would like to see choke on a pretzel, and George W. Bush is definitely not one of them. (Disclaimer: I think you know me well enough to know that I really don’t want anyone to choke on a pretzel.)

1. I’ll never forget the evening my grandpa choked on ham and beans after I made a stupid joke about the beans being “sooie beans” and I remember my mom was drinking Faygo soda and we had to take Grandpa to the hospital. (He choked pretty often. It was just a Grandpa thing.)

2. I’ll never forget seeing my dad choke on his lunch two days after his bypass surgery. (Never is a big word. Dad choked only two months ago, and I haven’t yet forgotten.) I Flo-Jo’ed out of his room to the nurse station and by the time the nurse came in, everything was back to normal except for my anxiety levels.

3. I really didn’t intend to fill this post with choking stories. How about a song instead? (It’s just so catchy.)

The weekend was a decent one. We saw Little Women on Saturday, and the costumes made me giddy. In fact, my latest dream is to have a red cape just like this and a black hat just like this. (I can make the mittens when/if the pattern becomes available. Maybe.)

I also fell in love with a shawl that Beth wore, and once again: Knitters, man. (The shawl pattern is here.)

4 thoughts on “Choking and Knitting. Monday!”

  1. I love that red cape, too, but I found Jo’s whole look in this scene–the hat, the hair–disconcerting, just because it reminded me so much of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & the City.

  2. We saw Little Women over the weekend and, like you, I thought lotsa knitted stuff here that will appear soon on Ravelry! Also, yes to Carrie Bradshaw reference.

  3. Finally…your comments haven’t been closed. OK…a few posts back, Henry totally looks like ET In that hoodie.

    Regarding people choking…I really, really wish that the person inhabiting the White House and the person second in line would choke…and die. Does that make me a bad person? I choose to think not. Unfortunately, I have seen more than one person die from choking. I have also witnessed the Heimlich maneuver work successfully. That hot dog flew a good 40-50 feet! Note to anyone…if you’re going to choke on something, do it in a hospital cafeteria. Unfortunately, this is the only person I’ve ever known of to truly survive actual choking.

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