Too bad we’re going to miss Upper GI Wednesday!

Yesterday afternoon we were able to attend a glow-in-the-dark juggling/magic show at the local library. Because we know how these things tend to fill up quickly (We don’t really know that, but we pretend to be knowing. We’re so smug.), we arrived thirty minutes before show time.

As the girls and I waited for the show to begin, Jeff announced that he was going to use the restroom. Ten minutes later he returned.

Jeff: Girls, I think the show is about to begin! I just saw the juggler in the bathroom, and he was washing his balls!!!

Me: Wow. There you go!

Jeff: Yep. So, I guess THAT happened!

Meredith: Why was he washing his balls? Were they sticky?!

Jeff: Well, I’m not sure. I didn’t want to crowd him.

And, Scene.

In health-related news (look away, Eddie), all of my test results are showing that my gall bladder really is a respectable fellow. SO, I’m now on a different medication, and will be having an abdominal CAT scan as well as an upper endoscopy sometime in the next month. Apparently, this is colonoscopy/endoscopy season (who knew?!)—making it very difficult to score  an appointment. (Just in case you’re interested, it’s also groundhog, squirrel, and coyote season! Grab your forks!)

And, finally—because we can’t go to Luxembourg, we’ve decided to go camping at Trout Lodge. We’re leaving tomorrow, and according to the brochure we will be there for Safari Sunday, Blast from the Past Monday, and Wrangler Tuesday. Ponies will be ridden. S’mores will be consumed. AND, during naptime? I’ll be dinking around with a Swirl Shawl, or perhaps a Swirl Scarf. Which size do YOU prefer?

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The Oh So Predictable Pudding

In 2006, I decided to go to BlogHer. Shortly after I arrived, my breasts blew their stack, which led me to spend all of my spare cash on a $54,383 cab ride to Walgreens where I purchased a $58,392 breast pump and a $1.39 box of Swedish Fish. I spent 94.3% of that weekend locked up in my room with a pump attached to my chest and Titanic on the television. (The remaining 5.7% of the weekend was spent feeling a bit overwhelmed and starstruck, which is one of my many tragic flaws. I realize the phrase “blogging heroes” is more than sort of squirrelly. Let’s just say this: I found myself in the company of many of my favorite web writers, and it made me feel all floofy and la la la la laaaaah!)

In 2007, I decided to not go to BlogHer. And when I started reading the words of the women who DID go, I became insanely jealous. (Okay. Insanely is a strong word. Perhaps what I was feeling was a river of remorse sprinkled with some bright orange self-pity torpedoes.)

In 2008, I couldn’t afford to go to BlogHer, so I decided to auction off a shawl and sell pre-ordered handknitted socks to fund the trip. Success. While there, I found myself to be terribly content. (Photos are here, if you’re interested.) I went yarn shopping and fish taco-ing with SueBob. I took a nap at the mall with Erica. I fell in love with Canadians. I was able to nervously read a blog entry in front of 3,502,496 people! Best of all, I got to be Someone’s Elbow!

When people started talking about BlogHer this year, I pretty much immediately knew that once again, I couldn’t really afford it. AND, the knitting socks thing just about killed me last year. (I know. Much ado about nothing, where much ado = “just about killed me” and nothing = “knitting socks”. With that said, I really did get a wee cramp in my right index finger. It’s a living hell, folks. A Living Hell.) I pretty much came to grips with NOT going, and then more people started talking about how excited they are to BE going, and then some party invites came my way, coupled with a most amazing housing option, and, well, I’m going. I don’t have a ticket (all tickets are sold out), but I DO have a Hyundai and an affinity for solo road trips.

While everyone else is enjoying the speakers? I’ll be hitting Loopy Yarns.

When it’s time to break for boxed lunches and swag? I’ll be browsing at Nina.

During high traffic lobby times? I’ll be in the lobby. High trafficking, and looking for Blackbirds. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>