Welcome to Knitting Camp! With wifi!

I’m coming to you this morning from Camp KIP! Because when you go camping, you often have a wireless network connection, right? We arrived Wednesday afternoon at four o’clock-ish, and I quickly learned that most of this week’s campers consist of knitting podcasters and the people who love knitting podcasters.

All of this to say: I have work to do. Podcasts to upload! Decisions to make regarding which podcasters are worthy of my (valuable?) time! (I currently listen to three podcasts: This American Life, The Moth, and Stash and Burn. Feel free to recommend other podcasts that I shouldn’t be missing, and I’ll figure out what part of my hygiene routine I can eliminate to score some more time!)

What I’ve learned so far: I sort of enjoy the whole Making Yarn With a Drop Spindle thing! My friend from afar presented me with the drop spindle she used when she was learning, along with a bunch of beautiful roving, and we sat and we spun and I forgot the wire that connects my camera to my computer or else I would show you exactly what I’m talking about.

AND, because Some Things Are Meant to Be, last night I won a lovely BFL/silk braid of roving, which means the spinning thing is something I really shouldn’t give up any time soon, because the universe is providing me with supplies. So there you go.

Yesterday evening we had a beer tasting at the on-site microbrewery. While there, I learned that I’m not really cut out for beer tasting, especially when my fellow tasters are saying things like, “Budweiser tastes like pee! That’s not beer!” and “Check out the nutmeg notes and hint of papaya in this one!” I felt a bit out of sorts and could only say things like, “I think this one smells like chocolate, but tastes like coffee! I want to pour it over ice cream! SortOfButNotReally!” (I wrote the entire experience off when the person giving the presentation made two slightly homophobic references. Ugh. Time to bail and go spin!)

Today is vendor day, meaning people are coming in from miles around to sell us stuff. (I hope someone is selling falafel, because I have a hankering.)

I’ll have photos to share when I get back home. I hope you’re doing well!
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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Knitting Camp! With wifi!”

  1. “Feel free to recommend other podcasts that I shouldn’t be missing, and I’ll figure out what part of my hygiene routine I can eliminate to score some more time!”

  2. You are done for now. Pretty soon you’ll be eyeing wheels and justifying the price in your head. Wheels make yarn! It’s almost like you’re SAVING MONEY! And then when you buy all the pretty rovings you can find, you’ll start eyeing fleeces.

    Not that I have any experience with this, mind you. *cough*

    (btw, I know a GREAT mill that can process that fleece for you)

  3. Hey, if you like the Moth and TAL, you might also like WNYC’s radiolab. It’s a lot like this American life, but more New York-y. Have fun at knitting camp!

  4. The Knitmore Girls — a mother-daughter knitting podcast.
    I second RadioLab. Awesome and funny.

  5. I have no podcast suggestions, but I’m glad you’re having fun at knitting camp! Sounds a lot more lively than the scrapbook weekend I had last week! Yay for crafting dorks!

  6. Sounds like you’re having a blast though, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as knitting camp here, otherwise I’d get you over, with or without personal hygiene. Also, stay away from beer. It obviously makes you dumb.

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