Sluts and Influenza

This morning I headed out for a flu shot and as I was listening to the radio, I heard the word Slut and it occurred to me that I can’t remember the last time I used the word slut. High school, maybe? Anyway, it then struck me that I haven’t visited Fluid Pudding in at least a week, so here I am! Thank you to sluts for the prompt.

My week of clean eating was a success, if success can be measured in Weight Loss and Lack of Tantrums. I’m down eight pounds from last month at this time (with absolutely zero exercise because an object at rest tends to stay at rest), and nearly four of those pounds can be attributed to a week of eating unprocessed foods (plus one caramel apple martini). The clean eating thing might seem unappetizing until I tell you something like “Right now I’m baking up a mixture of oats and pumpkin and cinnamon and you should smell my house.” (It’s a true statement. It’s been baking for nearly a half hour, and it smells delicious. The recipe is here. It was suggested by a friend and the only thing I’m doing differently is substituting coconut milk yogurt for the cottage cheese.)

Anyway, the challenge ended at midnight last night, yet I’m soldiering on to see how long I can last. It’s good to know that I can have an Oreo if I want it. Right now I don’t want it.

Meredith had a glorious time at fifth grade camp, but it appears that camp is a lot like Vegas. I haven’t heard many details beyond so-and-so winning a contest for having the longest tongue and the pizza wasn’t greasy like typical school cafeteria pizza. No stomach pills were taken, and everything that left the house returned to the house.

As I sat and worked on a sleeve cuff yesterday evening, a family of mosquitoes feasted on my right ankle. Every one of them hit a vein, so I’m sure my veiny leg has been added to the prime destination list for all bugs who bite. The mosquitoes are really bad in my neighborhood, and the woman next door has a theory that I’d share with you, but it contains words like Raw and Human and Feces and it’s lunch time. You’re welcome.

I’ll be picking the girls up in about an hour so they, too, can get their flu shots. According to my calendar, it’s National Children’s Day, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. (They’re not old enough to enjoy caramel apple martinis.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “Sluts and Influenza”

  1. One of my favorite clean meals is a simple bowl of mung beans, rice and kale. I season it with fennel, coriander and cumin and some seaweed flakes for salt and ghee. It’s such a simple dish, but it’s one I crave.

    On that note, you should see the candy I fell in love with in Ireland. I brought home three bags of it and when Michael read the ingredients he exclaimed “YOU ate That?!?!” I eat 90% clean so I can have 10% That.

  2. hmmm. clean eating… weight loss… no tantrums! It sounds too good to be true! I may try this after I’ve expended all of my available energy on my other thing. I admire your fortitude!

  3. Clean eating. So how is that defined? Did y0u explain and I missed it? I am interested!

  4. My kids had their flu shot and flu mist today. Each prefers a different method. I really need to try the clean eating thing.

  5. Today is also Bruno Mars’ 28th birthday. It really is a big deal at our house.

    You are a much better person than I am. I am probably the worst unclean eater there is. I have a problem with diet soda. I’m working on it. (kinda)

  6. I’m so intimidated by clean eating. Did you do a ton of research? And did you spend a fortune on food? And do I sound like I’m looking for excuses? Because I am. But also advice.

  7. When the government last shut down 17-18 years ago, the radio played a song all the way through with no bleeping out of the F-word. It was glorious, and I remember it to this day. I wonder if “slut” is another of those words that the FCC can’t punish the radio people for right now?

  8. The clean eating sounds great and I’m really impressed that you could stick to it for a week but I have to admit, I’m much more interested in that caramel apple martini. I just yesterday printed out a recipe for them and am planning to serve them at my upcoming jewelry party. It sounds like you liked it. Now I have to go to the liquor store to buy the caramel apple vodka.

  9. You should get a Thermacell lantern or other thing for your yard. It really does work; but the Off ones are cheaper. Of course, the Off ones don’t work as well either. Mosquitos have been terrible in my yard so I got a Thermacell and its made being outside bearable. Seriously. See if they’ll give you one to review or something?

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