Ennui didn’t start the fire.

I’ve been going through a thing lately, and I’m trying to not use words I typically rely on (also known as words on which I typically rely), so I will NOT describe it as a funk. Here: I’m napping in a tub filled with cold and slimy doldrums, and it’s a deep tub and I’m avoiding things I typically love and this needs to stop.


Please join me on a doldrum-beating adventure. It begins now. (You’re already here. You may as well stay.)

Here we have sourdough toast with goat cheese, cucumber slices, and honey. I ate it a few weeks back at Upshot, and it fit my mood perfectly. Toast that fits your mood. Not many people can say they’ve had perfect mood-matching toast.

I’m currently dressed like a goldfish cracker. Proof:

A friend saw these socks and thought of me, and a sock compliment feels just as good as perfect mood-matching toast.

Six months ago, my migraine doctor told me to lose ten pounds, get back to yoga, and start practicing mindfulness. I have done none of those things. NONE OF THEM. A few months ago, I decided to reward myself with overalls when the ten pounds were gone, and then a few weeks ago I found a pair I loved: So I ordered them anyway! They’re slightly too small, so that whole ten pounds thing is definitely still a thing. BUT I love these overalls as much as anyone can love a pair of jeans from Gap with a flap and straps. (And poetry.)

I went to an outdoor market with a friend yesterday, and we came across a number (that number might be five or six) of perfect spots for gathering with enjoyable people. I have so many imaginary plans for this very spot, and one of them includes a kerosene lamp and bread pudding:

Finally, it’s my favorite time of year. Despite the fact that the temperatures are still hitting 90° and I’m not sure we’ll ever have another proper cardigan season, we do have these:

Update: I’m still marching to the beat of my own doldrums. (Such clever wordplay!) I’ll keep working on it. Thai food for lunch and gnome knit-alongs and Fiona Apple on my Chill Mix… Gah.

5 thoughts on “Ennui didn’t start the fire.”

  1. Doldrum-busting thought: Christmas is just around the corner!

    There, did that help?

    ( you )

    ^(Much more delicate and less offensive to a touch-averse person than {{{ YOU }}} but the desire to hug is strong!)

  2. I, too, am self-medicating my doldrums with the SweeTango. I may even have done a joy leap in the supermarket when they arrived. Hang in there.

  3. Love that you’re still writing and sharing after all these years. I came across this blog when Harper was a baby and you posted a video clip of her while you sang a silly song. Can’t remember the song now, just that she was adorable. Now I pop in every few months to catch up and it’s always a good read.

    You have the smartest/nicest fans/commenters. Not referring to myself of course :) just an observation.

    I’m glad you found the perfect overalls…I’ve been looking for a pair myself after finally giving resigning myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to squeeze into the ones I was hanging onto from the 70s.



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